Apple Watch Edition

Here’s how Apple will let customers try on Apple Watch

9to5mac is out with a report detailing how Apple plans to allow customers to try on the Apple Watch in its retail stores around the globe, when the wearable will be put out on tables starting April 10.

Given the jewelry nature of the Apple Watch, it won't be like walking into an Apple Store to try out an iPhone or iPad. According to the well-connected publication, starting on April 10th, Apple will allocate 15 minutes per customer for a guided and directed in-store try-on experience, using 10 try-on stations.

Analyst: Why Apple created the $10,000 Apple Watch Edition

The announcement that the Apple Watch Edition will start at $10,000 and be priced all the way to $17,000 when it begins shipping April 24 perplexed many. Apple is a consumer electronics company. Why is it trying to jump into the luxury space?

Here's your answer. On Thursday, Andreessen Horowitz analyst Benedict Evans penned a blog post on why Apple is bothering to sell the Apple Watch Edition. It's full of some brilliant analysis of the new, luxury product, but it boils down to something simple - it's a marketing tool for Apple.

Asus insults Apple users: you’re ‘out of your mind’ to buy Apple Watch Edition

I usually don't cover companies tweeting about other companies' products, but this particular tweet posted by the official Asus account may have gone too far in belittling Apple customers.

Commenting on the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition, which CEO Tim Cook revealed will start at $10,000 during Monday's “Spring Forward” media event, Asus basically called those looking to buy the device crazy.

“You are really out of your mind” if you buy a gold Apple Watch, reads infographic attached to Asus' tweet...

Video details smelting process of Apple Watch Edition

In today's keynote, Apple showcased videos about the metal refining processes of both the stainless steel Apple Watch and aluminum Apple Watch Sport, but omitted the solid gold Apple Watch Edition video, which appeared on Apple's website following the event.

Narrated by Jony Ive, the video provides an overview of the gold refining process, which yields a compound up to twice as hard as standard gold. The custom alloys of yellow and rose gold using precise amounts of silver, copper, and palladium to produce a specific hue of each color of gold.

These are the most expensive Apple Watches you can buy

Apple's online store has come back up, offering new details regarding the Apple Watch and its various pricing tiers. We found out during this morning's event that the 18K gold Edition model will begin at $10,000, but we thought it'd be interesting to see how expensive the line goes, so we've put together a roundup of all 8 Edition models.

Apple Watch Edition will be available from $10,000, limited availability and quantities

It's the moment we've all been waiting for: Apple has finally announced the availability of its Apple Watch Edition, available for $10,000 when pre-orders begin April 10.

Given the price of the Apple Watch Edition, Apple CEO Tim Cook told attendees at the company's media event on Monday that it will be available in limited quantities and only in a limited number of Apple Stores.