If you have $10,000+ to spend, Apple will give you a 30-minute hands on with Apple Watch Edition

Apple Watch Edition Rose Gold closeup 001

Those who have a minimum of $10,000 to spend on Apple Watch Edition are in luck, as Apple will offer them 30 minutes to check out the device in select stores, according to IBT, which talked to Apple Store employees in two separate New York locations.

Standard appointments can be scheduled beginning April 10, and will last for 15 minutes, which should give enough times to figure out what specific model or band to choose. People interested in spending big will have double that time to make their decision.

IBT shares more details about the process:

To express interest in the Edition, customers mark their favorite models through the Apple Store app or its website, and those preferences are stored with the customers’ Apple IDs. When reservation are made to try on the Apple Watch, stores will know exactly which ones have drawn the customers’ interest, so staffers will show them the corresponding models during the demonstrations, according to the employees.

Of course, another way to get extra time with Apple Watch is to schedule several appointments.

Source: IBT