Apple Watch Bands

Nomad announces new Sport and Modern leather Apple Watch bands

Just in time for the holidays, our friends over at Nomad have announced two new Apple Watch bands. There's the Sport Strap, which is made of FKM fluoroelastomer rubber and completely waterproof, and then there is the Modern Strap, made out of natural Horween leather. More photos and details below.

Nomad unveils new rugged waterproof strap for Apple Watch

Following the announcement of the new Apple Watch Series 6, Nomad decided to unveil a new product of its own. It's a new, version 2 of their Rugged Strap for Apple Watch, and it combines the features of a sports band with the aesthetic of a band more suited for daily wear.

As part of yesterday’s refreshes, Apple updated iPhone and iPad cases, Apple Watch bands

If the sheer number of products that got refreshed yesterday is anything to go by, Wednesday was supposed to be a major Apple event, only there was no event at all because the new iPad Pro and MacBook Air were announced via a pair of unexpected press releases. But that's not everything that was unveiled yesterday. As part of yesterday's product releases, the Cupertino giant also debuted some refreshed iPhone cases and spring-themed Apple Watch bands.