Apple Watch

Why your Apple Watch may be slow and 17 tips to make it faster

Apple Watch on a light background with faint Cheetah showing fast speed

If your Apple Watch feels slow and takes longer to start workouts, launch apps, or navigate around, we show you multiple solutions to make it snappier. But first, let us understand why your Apple Watch is running slower and then the fixes to make it faster.

Note: This guide applies to all Apple Watch models, including Series 7, 6, SE, 4, 3 running any version of watchOS, including the current watchOS 8.

How to fix apps not working or freezing on Apple Watch

Apple Watch with black and white app bubble on a yellow background with sad face showing apps not working

Here are possible solutions to fix issues when trying to open an app on your Apple Watch, and it freezes on the loading screen, doesn't open, stays stuck, or crashes. After implementing some of these potential fixes, apps on your Apple Watch should work fine. Please note that these fixes work for all watch models running any version of watchOS, including watchOS 8.

How to manually or automatically update apps on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Apple App Store logo with pending updates in red badge

With every app update, the developer can introduce new features, fix existing bugs, or improve compatibility with the operating system (iOS, iPadOS, or watchOS). Having the latest version of an app ensures the newest features, improved security, and the best experience. Here are the steps to update apps on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch via the App Store.

How to force-quit apps on your Apple Watch

Apple Watch with many apps on a light gray background with faint red cross

If an app on your Apple Watch unexpectedly quits, stops responding, freezes, crashes, or won’t open, there’s a solution to that. Just follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to force quit a misbehaving app on your Apple Watch running any recent version of watchOS, including watchOS 8.

After multiple rejections from Apple, the FlickType keyboard app for Apple Watch is being discontinued

There are many app developers out there in the wild that are more than happy to work with Apple, and work within Apple's App Store ecosystem and rules. Even some big companies. However, there are some developers who have run afoul of Apple's review process for apps in one way or another, or take umbrage with the digital storefront's rules. For Kosta Eleftheriou, it's a bit of both.