How to watch YouTube videos on your Apple Watch

Watch YouTube on Apple Watch

While sitting idle, have you ever looked at your Apple Watch and wondered if you can watch YouTube videos on it? If yes, you're in luck. Thanks to the free WatchTube app by Hugo Mason, you can enjoy YouTube videos on your Apple Watch. We'll show you how in this tutorial.

How to cancel YouTube Premium from your iPhone

An iPhone showing the manage screen for YouTube Premium membership

YouTube Premium offers ad-free videos, offline downloads in YouTube Music, new experimental features like Picture-in-Picture, unlocks exclusive videos, and more. However, if you no longer wish to continue your YouTube Premium membership, here’s how to cancel it using your iPhone or iPad.

How to share the specific timestamp link of a YouTube video

YouTube video timestamp

Suppose there is a long YouTube video, but you only want to share parts of it from a specific time -- say at 11 minutes and 34 seconds. With the help of this tutorial, you can copy YouTube video links from a specific time. When the recipient opens the link, the video will play not from the beginning but from that specific time you selected.

This tutorial shows you how to create sharable links of a YouTube video at a specific time on the YouTube mobile app and computer.

Kanye West won’t be launching ‘Donda 2’ on Apple Music or Spotify, opting for his own platform

Kanye West, who officially goes by the title "Ye" these days, has opted to make getting his next album, "Donda 2," just a bit more difficult to get than most any other album released digitally. Specifically, the artist has announced that he will not be launching the next album on platforms like Apple Music or Spotify, instead opting for a proprietary route.