IPCarrier replaces the Status Bar’s carrier text with your IP Address

Intermediate and advanced jailbreakers often do more with their devices than merely download and install jailbreak tweaks — many will SSH into their devices to carry out deeper device customization in the file system itself.

SSH connections require knowledge of the handset’s local IP address, which can be found in the Wi-Fi preference pane in the Settings app. But those who use SSH often, especially on networks besides their own, might be interested in a faster way to access their handset’s local IP address, and we have the solution.

Jailbreakers can have more control over network connectivity with SmartNetwork 2

Just last year, we showed you a jailbreak tweak called SmartNetwork by iOS developer Elias Sfeir, which allowed pwned iPhone and iPad owners to enjoy more granular control over their wireless networks — far more than what you’d expect from Apple out of the box on a stock handset.

Now that iOS & iPadOS 14.0-14.3 can be jailbroken on all devices by way of the unc0ver jailbreak, it’s not too surprising to see that many of these tweaks are being re-released with iOS & iPadOS 14 support. SmartNetwork is no different, although the branding has been changed to SmartNetwork 2 and a plethora of new features have been added since we last went hands on with it.

How to fix the Weak Security warning in Wi-Fi settings on iPhone and iPad

Weak Security Message Wi-Fi

Nothing is perfect and iOS 14 (including iOS 14.1 and iOS 14.2) has had its share of problems so far. We’ve heard complaints about missing text messages, cellular data errors, and Microsoft email accounts nagging about passwords. To add to the list, many iPhone and iPad users are seeing a Weak Security warning in their Wi-Fi settings.

If you’re seeing this message, here’s what you can do to “fix” it.

Radio proximity security attack targeting up to iOS 13.5 detailed by Ian Beer

Accomplished security researcher Ian Beer, known for releasing a host of iOS exploits used by modern jailbreak tools, dropped a bombshell on Twitter late Wednesday evening after sharing a detailed blog post about a jaw-dropping radio proximity exploit affecting up to and including iOS and iPadOS 13.5.

The blog post summary goes on to explain that the hacker can remotely trigger kernel memory corruption through the execution of arbitrary code. Furthermore, it can force affected iOS and iPadOS devices in radio proximity to reboot with no user interaction needed or put privacy at risk by breaching user data or utilizing cameras and microphones without the user’s knowledge.  Scary indeed…

WiFi List lets iPhone users view previous Wi-Fi networks & their passwords

After you log into a Wi-Fi network on your iPhone, it will remember that network and connect to it automatically when in range. As you might come to expect, this means your handset keeps a database of previously used Wi-Fi networks. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow users to access this information on their own devices out of the box.

If your iPhone is jailbroken, then you may be excited to learn that there’s a way around this frustrating quandary. A newly released and free jailbreak app dubbed WiFi List by iOS developer Itaybre consolidates all of your previously used Wi-Fi networks, their passwords, and more valuable information about them into one convenient place for future reference.

How to share your iPhone hotspot with family members

Share iPhone Personal Hotspot via Family Sharing

You might use the Personal Hotspot feature on your own device so that you have a data connection if you’re without internet. So it’s nice to know that you can do the same for your family, meaning they can share yours.

If you use Family Sharing, setting this up is simple, and your family members can join without the password. Here, we’ll show you how to share your Hotspot with your family members.

This tweak adds useful widgets to your Settings app in iOS 13

Looking for a quick and exciting way to spice up your iPhone’s boring Settings app? If you like where this is going so far, then you’re probably going to enjoy a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed SettingsWidgets by iOS developer shepgoba.

Just as the tweak’s name implies, SettingsWidgets brings a few useful widgets to the Settings app’s user interface, giving you a quick glance at some of your handset’s pertinent information, such as battery information, storage space usage, and Wi-Fi statistics, among other things.