A cringey Facebook video tries to sell the idea of privacy-breaching personalized ads

Facebook has launched a new campaign to tell the world that small businesses operating on its social platforms rely heavily on personalized advertising. It includes a video, titled “Good Ideas Deserve To Be Found,” featuring Houston-based fashion brand House of Takura. The company omits the fact that targeted advertising available on its platforms is a result of massive privacy breaches. Facebook is vehemently opposing Apple's upcoming App Tracking Transparency initiative that will require iOS apps to seek user permission to track users.

Facebook is testing its own prompt asking users to let the app track them

User privacy won't stop being a big deal any time soon, even with Apple trying new ways to mitigate the impact. But with companies like Facebook out there in the wild, trying their hardest to gobble up all the information they can about people, it's an uphill battle. And now Facebook has a new plan to try and get users on "their side" moving forward.