Belkin Charge Dock review: the best iPhone and Apple Watch dock available

Shortly after Apple announced that it would allow manufacturers to include Apple Watch charging pads in their accessories, Belkin unveiled the Charge Dock. It’s a charging dock with a built-in magnetic charger for the Watch and an adjustable Lightning connector for iPhone.

The Dock checks all of the necessary boxes: it looks sharp, is very well-made and it carries Made for iPhone and Apple Watch badges, meaning it’s passed Apple’s certification tests. And after using one for the past few weeks, I felt it was good enough to warrant an in-depth review.

Belkin WeMo Insight Switch review: control home appliances and electronics from your iPhone

Growing up as a child, anytime my family would venture out of town for more than a couple days, my father would run around the house trying to locate “the timers.” The timers, with which anyone is familiar, were the timer switches for the lamps in the house. They were old brown boxes with a beige turn wheel and a little switch, think I/O, for each of 24 hours. After manually selecting each switch to either turn on or off the receptacle, off you go for vacation. Now your lights magically turn on while you are away.

Even in the late ’80’s, I remember those timers looking dated, even acting dated. But, they worked and continue to be the same technology most people use today. Thankfully, Belkin is putting a stop to this archaic fumbling system with a modern appeal. The WeMo line of home automated devices gives you the power, literally, in a carefully crafted app and hardware unit.

Belkin’s new QODE Thin Type keyboard case for iPad Air now available

Good news for iPad Air owners this afternoon. Belkin’s QODE Thin Type keyboard, which was first announced last October, is now available for Apple’s newest full-sized tablet. The QODE joins the Logitech Ultrathin and just a handful of others in the ultra-slim iPad keyboard space.

The Thin Type weighs in at just over 12 ounces, lighter than the iPad Air itself, and it’s less than 4mm thick. It attaches to the tablet via secure-hold magnets, features Belkin’s exclusive TruType technology with well-spaced, responsive keys and lasts around 79 hours on a single charge…

Best iPad Air keyboards

As iPad becomes more of a portable workhorse, the need for professional grade accessories drastically increases. Our own Jeff Benjamin swears by his iPad to muscle common tasks for his daily blogging needs. Of the most important professional additions, the keyboard rates at number one.

A virtual keyboard is perfect for portability. Software keyboards only take up screen space, but do not take up space in a travel bag or add weight. They are equally as noticeable when trying to actually accomplish some real work. The Bluetooth keyboard is the answer for users looking to get extra mileage from their iPad Air. Inside, we give a short spotlight to some of the best iPad Air keyboards…

A look at Belkin’s Keyboard Cases for the iPad Air

A few days ago, two of Belkin’s flagship iPad accessories arrived at my office — the soft touch QODE Slim Style Keyboard Case, and the anodized aluminum coated QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case.

Both cases provide iPad owners with a physical Bluetooth enabled keyboard, which is handy for serious typists. While many are able to get by with tap typing on iOS’ software keyboard, there’s simply no arguing against the fact that a physical keyboard is superior in virtually every way.

So, which one is right for you?

Belkin launches new iPad Air accessories, too

One of the top accessory makers and among the leading players in the Apple accessories ecosystem, Logitech, today announced four new keyboard cases and covers designed specifically for Apple’s upcoming iPad Air.

However, Logitech’s arch-enemy Belkin earlier telegraphed an announcement of its own. A whole bunch of new iPad Air-specific accessories are part of Belkin’s announcement, including three new Bluetooth keyboard models from Belkin’s Qode lineup, one of them apparently made from an “aircraft-grade aluminum alloy”.

Jump past the fold for the full reveal…

Belkin’s Thunderstorm handheld home theater now available for iPad 4

Accessory maker Belkin back at January’s CES 2013 unveiled a handheld home theater system for Apple’s iPad, the Thunderstorm. The amplification system docks your iPad with integrated front-facing speakers and air channels for the powerful bass sounds. The speaker case was initially limited to older 30-pin iPad 2 and third-generation iPad devices. Today, Belkin announced Thunderstorm availability for iPads outfitted with Lightning I/O, namely the iPad 4…

Belkin launches new Grip Power Battery Case for the iPhone 5

Belkin, a California-based maker of consumer electronics and accessories, today announced its first entry into the iPhone 5 battery case space with the Grip Power. Similar to Mophie’s popular Juice Pack line, the Grip Power is a case that has a built-in backup battery.

The Grip’s power block is of the 2000mAh variety, which Belkin says is good enough to double the battery life of your late-model iPhone. And with its shock-resistant outer shell and anti-glare camera ring, it makes for a decent case in terms of protection as well…

Review: Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad

As someone who’s relegated the full sized iPad to the back burner, it’s admittedly a bit awkward to pull this thing back out. But the folks at Belkin have a new product for me to try, and it looks cool enough to convince me to dust off my iPad 3.

Belkin is no stranger when it comes to iOS accessories, but this — the Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad — is perhaps its most thoughtful. The case, which officially launches in May, was created for people who want to get things done on their full sized iPads. It works with any currently available full-sized iPad, including the iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad 4. It’s not the prettiest keyboard case on the block, and perhaps not the most durable, but it screams functionality.

Belkin sent me a product sample about a month ago, and I decided that I was going to put this thing through the paces. Instead of using it for a few days and reviewing it, I wanted to see if the case actually lived up to its moniker.

Belkin launches new Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad

Belkin today announced the online availability of its newest iPad accessory, the Ultimate Keyboard Case. Well, it’s available for pre-order today, and will start shipping to select retailers in May.

So what’s so special about the Ultimate Keyboard Case? With a keyboard that is just 6.4mm thin and weighing 17 oz, it’s now the slimmest and lightest keyboard folio of its kind on the market…

Belkin and LEGO announce partnership, ‘buildable’ iPhone cases on the way

This is interesting, and also a bit surprising that it hasn’t happened before now. Belkin, a popular third-party accessory maker for iPhones and other Apple products, has just announced a new partnership with the LEGO group.

According to the press release, the two companies have signed a multi-year licensing deal to bring a new line of cases to market, inspired by the iconic bricks—the highlight of which is said to be new ‘buildable’ cases…

Belkin launches FastFit Bluetooth keyboard case for iPad mini

Logitech yesterday announced its Ultrathin Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad mini, but its rivals are not standing still. This morning, Belkin said its comparable offering will be available via its web site for the same eighty bucks as the Logitech keyboard case. Built with anodized aircraft grade aluminum, it’s a fit for the iPad mini’s industrial design. The FastFit Keyboard Case is also 0.3mm thinner than Logitech’s (7mm vs 7.3mm).

We’re not sure if anyone will be able to tell the difference in thinness, but that sure looks like a damn nice portable keyboard case, if I ever saw one. Jump past the fold for more info…