My favorite accessories for the iPhone 12 Pro Max

It wasn’t long after acquiring my shiny new iPhone 12 Pro Max at the end of last year that I began scouring every corner of the internet for relevant accessories that I believed would complement my fast-paced and dynamic lifestyle.

Some of the peripherals I tried along the way became an instant hit with regard to my daily routine, and many others were quickly phased out after I became aware of alternative solutions that were, to be frank, superior.

If you just got your hands on a new 2020 iPhone, notwithstanding size and configuration, and you’re in the market for handy accessories to complement your user experience, then you’ve come to the right place because this piece will discuss five of my favorite accessories for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

My favorite iPhone 12 Pro Max accessories

Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with MagSafe

The first thing on my list would have to be Belkin’s new BOOST↑CHARGE PRO 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with MagSafe.

Not only is this one of the first Apple-endorsed MagSafe all-in-one chargers developed for Apple’s all-new iPhone lineup, but it’s versatile enough to fit any lifestyle since it offers space for charging an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and another Qi-enabled accessory, whether that’s a set of AirPods/AirPods Pro or another smartphone.

In addition to keeping your entire mobile device arsenal charged in an effortless fashion, Belkin’s new charger carries the same slick aesthetics that the company’s many other charging stands are known for. We especially appreciate how the stainless steel finish cooperates with the new Graphite color scheme of the iPhone 12 Pro Max and Apple Watch Series 6, as that was the color I selected when ordering my devices.

When designing this stand, Belkin cautiously ensured that your iPhone would be propped at just the right angle for usability, and that’s something I welcome when sitting at my desk. Perhaps the only downside is that the Apple Watch tends to rotate to a diagonal position because of its weight. Previous Belkin stands would incorporate a plastic wrist strap guide to position the Apple Watch in an upright position, but this one doesn’t.

The MagSafe-compatible charger invokes Apple’s new charging animation.

All in all, it’s a fine charger that looks good on the nightstand or your work desk, and it charges everything you have at the same time. But it doesn’t come cheap; Belkin’s 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with MagSafe is an exclusive that will run you $140.

OtterBox Aneu Series Case with MagSafe

If you get a new 2020 iPhone, then it would be shameful to get a case for it that doesn’t support MagSafe. That’s one reason why I bought an OtterBox Aneu Series Case.

The market for MagSafe cases is fairly slim at the time of this writing, but I didn’t want to compromise with a non-MagSafe compliant case when I knew it was going to be the fastest way to charge my iPhone without a wire. Furthermore, Apple’s first party cases aren’t as protective as I’d like, and that’s what made me turn to OtterBox.

The OtterBox Aneu Series Case with MagSafe is an entirely new offering that seems heavily derived from the company’s popular Symmetry Series cases. It’s comprised of a textured hard plastic rear and rubberized sides that add necessary grip. It even features standalone contrasting hard button covers that provide a tactile response when pressed, and the cut-outs for the speakers, ring/silent switch, and Lightning port are large enough to accommodate the largest fingers and accessories.

Not only do I feel like my iPhone is protected with the OtterBox Aneu Series Case with MagSafe, but I’m pleased that it comes with an Apple-endorsed MagSafe insert that makes it fully compatible with the Belkin charger I discussed above. It can also be used with Apple’s MagSafe offerings or future MagSafe chargers as they hit the market.

Minimal branding is shown on the side of the case.

The OtterBox Aneu Series Case with MagSafe is priced on par with other OtterBox case offerings, which is surprising given that it comes with a first party MagSafe insert from Apple. It’s available exclusively on for $50 in four different colorways.

If MagSafe isn’t as important to you and you require good protection, then consider OtterBox’s redesigned Defender Pro case. I use this case frequently for rugged adventures, and it will protect your iPhone from every drop. Moreover, unlike the Defender Pro for previous iPhone models, this one is substantially thinner and easier to fit in your pocket (I leave the holster at home).

Belkin UltraGlass Privacy Screen Protector

I usually turn to Zagg’s InvisibleShield brand for screen protection, but ever since the company replaced its Glass+ product line with its new Glass Elite lineup, I’ve found the screen protectors to be plagued with fingerprint smudging problems that are only exacerbated by finger oils and a poor oleophobic surface finish. So I went with another brand this time and I haven’t looked back.

Belkin’s UltraGlass Privacy screen protector offers a great deal of protection for my handset’s display, but with the added benefit of a two-way side-view technology that blacks out my screen’s contents when viewed from the side. With that in mind, I get both screen protection and privacy from the many prying eyes around me.

I’m reluctant to test this, but Belkin claims the glass to be at least twice as strong as the iPhone’s already tough Ceramic Shield front glass. They purportedly achieve this through a double ion-exchange process.

Installing the screen protector was effortless, as the packaging includes an easy-align tray that applies it straight in seconds. Best of all, because the screen protector is made of glass, the responsiveness of my iPhone’s touch screen isn’t diminished in any way. Further, the anti-microbial coating keeps the surface clean, and it doesn’t collect fingerprints and oils like Zagg’s InvisibleShield Glass Elite screen protectors would.

The ability to discern elements on the screen returns when peering at the display head-on.

Belkin’s UltraGlass Privacy screen protector can be had from for $45. It can also be purchased from Belkin’s website if you don’t have any Apple gift cards to use up.

mophie powerstation all-in-one Power Bank

For every adventure, one needs portable power to survive the day, and that’s why mophie’s powerstation all-in-one 8,000 mAh power bank is on this list.

If you’re anything like me, then you appreciate carrying as little bulk as possible when you take your stuff with you. Having an integrated Apple Watch charger in your battery pack as the mophie powerstation all-in-one does meets that criteria, as it nixes the need to have an Apple Watch charging cable anywhere in your bag.

Sweetening the deal is the fact that the mophie powerstation all-in-one houses a Qi-enabled wireless charger for your iPhone or AirPods/AirPods Pro, which allows yet more of your mobile devices to grab a charge without any cables needed. On the side, it also provides one USB-A port and one USB-C Power Delivery port, just in case you have anything else that needs power when you’re out and about.

I used to use the Elevation Lab BatteryPro for charging when traveling, but it falls seriously short on features when compared with the mophie powerstation all-in-one for two substantial reasons: 1) it uses micro-USB to charge instead of USB-C (ew…); and 2) it doesn’t have a built-in Qi wireless charger. These advantages give the mophie powerstation all-in-one an easy win, and that’s why I carry it with my iPhone 12 Pro Max whenever I know I’ll be without a power source.

Plenty of room to charge everything at once while on the go.

The mophie powerstation all-in-one can be had from for $139.95 in one of two colors, but for a limited time, it can be had from mophie’s official website for just $99.95. Choose your poison.

AirPods Pro

There’s no ignoring the obvious fact that media and music consumption comprise of a substantial amount of my (and probably everyone else’s) iPhone experience, and that’s why a decent pair of headphones are a must. For that job, I trust in my handy dandy AirPods Pro.

Apple absolutely nailed it with the AirPods Pro. Not only are they comfortable to have in your ear for extended periods, but they offer built-in Active Noise Cancellation with no superfluous bulk that does a very good job of mellowing out even the most obnoxious of surroundings.

As a bonus, AirPods Pro feature smart gestures and the ability to summon Siri without touching my iPhone, which comes in handy in a pinch.

The AirPods Pro easily last me a day of use, albeit with a charge in their case every now and again, but they truly hold up to their legacy as one of the best in-hear earbuds on the market today.

I switch between AirPods and AirPods Pro, depending on how loud I think my environment might be.

The AirPods Pro are available on Apple’s website for $249 with financing options available to Apple Card holders, but if you’re looking to save some money on your purchase, then Amazon has them for just $199 with free Prime shipping.

As an honorable mention, I should add that I also own a pair of Apple’s regular AirPods, and I love those just as much. While they lack Active Noise Cancellation, they are more comfortable to have in my ears for prolonged periods and they last longer on a charge. They’re also a more affordable bargain starting at just $159 on Apple’s website, however you can sometimes find them cheaper on Amazon with free Prime shipping – like $128 at the time of this writing, for instance.


With each person comes a different lifestyle, and likewise, different needs. That said, just because I like the aforementioned accessories doesn’t mean everybody will.

If you have a favorite accessory for your shiny new iPhone 12 Pro Max that wasn’t mentioned above, or that you think would be a finer replacement for one of the above, please feel free to drop a comment so that we can have a look at it for ourselves. And please don’t say Apple Watch… I love my Apple Watch too, but as it evolves, it’s getting to be less of an iPhone accessory and more of a standalone device, which is why I’ve treated mine that way.

Are you using any of the same accessories with your iPhone that I am with mine? Share your setup below.