The best accessories for the iPhone 15 Pro Max

One thing I always have a habit of doing is gathering an arsenal of accessories for my devices. I always like to be kitted out for whatever I might be doing any day of the week, and since my iPhone 15 Pro Max is always with me, there are some essential items that I always toss into my to-go bag that I bring pretty much anywhere I go. Even when I’m not traveling, there are certain accessories I always keep handy, such as on my nightstand.

Belkin Boost Charge stand $10 and other tech deals to check out

belkin black round wireless charging stand

There are some great deals on top tech gear available right now. eBay is hosting a Labor Day sale which takes 15% off a number of products and Best Buy has the MacBook Pro 14-inch for just $1600. We also have the Belkin Boost Charge, our favorite non-MagSafe wireless charger, for just $10. Check out our full roundup below.

My favorite accessories for the iPhone 12 Pro Max

A gold iPhone 12 Pro Max laid face down on a wooden table

It wasn’t long after acquiring my shiny new iPhone 12 Pro Max at the end of last year that I began scouring every corner of the internet for relevant accessories that I believed would complement my fast-paced and dynamic lifestyle.

Some of the peripherals I tried along the way became an instant hit with regard to my daily routine, and many others were quickly phased out after I became aware of alternative solutions that were, to be frank, superior.