How to show weather conditions and forecast on your iPhone Lock Screen

Three iPhone mockups showing weather conditions on the iPhone Lock Screen via weather widgets and smart weather wallpaper

You can see weather conditions, temperature, wind speed, air quality, moon phase, sunrise & sunset times, UV index, rain, snow, sleet, or hail forecast for your location on your iPhone Lock Screen. Having the weather report on the Lock Screen ensures you're constantly updated regarding changing conditions.

In this tutorial, we will show you the simple steps to add the weather forecast to your iPhone or iPad Lock Screen using widgets and a smart wallpaper.

How to find an iPhone’s ECID

Depending on what you’re doing with your iPhone or iPad, a time may come when you need to find your device’s Exclusive Chip Identifier, otherwise more recognizably abbreviated as the ECID.

Download these internals and X-ray iPhone 14 wallpapers

Now several weeks in the wild, reviewers spent hours creating their YouTube reviews, early adopters complained about buggy operation, and iFixit deconstructed the latest Apple handset.

The productive team at iFixit always tediously takes apart the newest Apple gadgets to give everyone a screw-by-screw understanding of how the hardware comes together and whether they feel like it is a repairable design. In doing so, they made these incredible iPhone 14 teardown wallpapers.

How to find and delete duplicate contacts on iPhone in iOS 16

Merge duplicate contacts on iPhone

If you find yourself bogged down with too many contacts and want to clear out your figurative drawers, we’ve got a quick tip for taking care of duplicate contacts that doesn’t involve deleting them one at a time.

In this post, we will show you 3 ways to find duplicate contacts, and merge or delete them directly from your iPhone.