Josh Gallagher

Strategy and timing meet in action puzzler ULTRAFLOW

ULTRAFLOW draws heavily from both the puzzle and action genres. Each level is essentially a two stage process. First, you have to figure out how to solve the puzzle. Then, you have to actually be able to do it. This creates a surprising amount of challenge in ULTRAFLOW, proving that it’s more than just a fun word to type.

Four Letters review: a surprisingly challenging word game

How many four letter words can you think of? No, this isn’t some crass joke. It’s the concept of Prodigy Design’s new word game, Four Letters. Four Letters assigns players the deceptively simple task of rearranging four random characters into a word. It may seem easy at first, but coming up with all 2,465 possible combinations may present a bit of a challenge.

rop: will this unforgiving puzzle game rope you in?

There is no shortage of puzzle games available on the App Store, and it is becoming harder and harder for them to distinguish themselves from the pack. MildMania’s rop seeks to do so with a stark design philosophy and some of the most difficult and satisfying puzzles I have seen on an Apple device. This game isn’t an instant recommendation though, as those silky smooth puzzles come with some very rough edges.

Blokshot Revolution review: swing and smash your way to a high score

Foxhole Games' debut title is a highly stylized round of target practice with a heavy focus on combos and high scores. At its core, Blokshot Revolution depends on its interesting control scheme and creative shooting mechanic to differentiate itself from the pack of score attack games populating the App Store. Learning the basics takes only a moment, but this game is certainly worth a second glance.

Card Crawl review: battle your way through a dangerous deck

In Card Crawl, developer Arnold Rauers has created an eclectic mix of games that don’t immediately sound like they would fit well together. With the bones of a simple game of solitaire and some heavy inspiration from Dungeons and Dragons, Card Crawl is just strange enough to warrant a closer look.