How to report an error or incorrect information in Apple Maps on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Learn how to easily report errors or incorrect information related to names, addresses, locations, phone numbers, websites, working hours, categories, and more for stores, businesses, monuments, places, or addresses in Apple Maps. This will help Apple improve the accuracy of their maps and provide a better experience to all users.

Report inaccurate information you see in the Apple Maps app to Apple

The Apple Maps app has received its fair share of criticism since it was released. When it first launched, the app was filled with location errors that made for some funny and sometimes dangerous situations. To this day, Apple Maps still isn’t perfect, but we can all agree that the app has greatly improved.

Ever since the release of Apple Maps, the company has quietly been open to receiving input from users about the data used in the app. While the option to report a problem in Apple Maps isn’t new by any means, it’s probably one that is very much overlooked, hence this post today.

I have reported a few problems to Apple myself and have had them all taken care of, usually in a couple of weeks or so. If you see wrong data in the Maps app, I encourage you to report the problem to Apple. It’s very likely that they will look at your report and take measures to fix the problem, if necessary.

Note: This is different from reporting an accident, crash, or hazard in Apple Maps.

How to report an issue with a location in Apple Maps

On iPhone or iPad

1) Launch the Maps app and go to the location where there is a problem. You can locate that using the search bar.

2) Swipe up on the business’ information card to reveal it, then scroll down to the bottom where it says Report an Issue. Select this option.

Report an Issue in Apple Maps on iPhone

3) From there, you have several options, depending on the kind of problem you want to report. You have the option to report the wrong name, address, location on the map, an incorrect phone number or website for the store, a location that is now closed, and a wrong category. If none of these options work for you, you can also select ‘Other or multiple things are wrong.’

4) Enter the correct information. You can also add extra information in the ‘Add a comment‘ section and attach photos to help Apple better understand your feedback.

5) Finally, tap Send to submit your report.

What issue do you want to report in Apple Maps on iPhone

A message will then confirm Apple received your report. Tap Done when you’re finished.

Thank you message after reporting issue in Apple Maps

Sometimes, all it takes is a little community effort to make things better. That applies to iOS and macOS too.

You can see the issue you reported by tapping your profile picture next to the search bar and going to Reports. You should see your report under the In Review section.

On Mac

1) Use the search bar to find the store, monument, or place in the Apple Maps app on your Mac and select it.

2) Click the three dots icon from the card and pick Report an Issue.

Report an Issue in Apple Maps on Mac

3) Select the category.

Select issue category in Apple Maps on Mac

4) Enter the correct information and hit Submit.

Submit problem in Apple Maps on Mac

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