How to use the Sing karaoke feature on Apple Music

Learn how to use the Apple Music Sing karaoke feature on your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV to sing along using time-synced lyrics and adjustable vocals.

Showcasing Apple Music Sing on iPhone, iPad and Mac
Apple Music Sing on iPhone, iPad and Mac | Image: Apple>

What is Apple Music Sing? What devices are supported?

Whether you’re humming to your favorite tune or singing the hook of a new song heard on the radio, Apple Music makes it easy and fun to sing your heart out to your favorite music. The Sing karaoke feature is available to Apple customers using compatible devices updated to iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2 and tvOS 16.2 or later.

Apple devices that support Apple Music Sing:

  • iPhone 11 (2019) and later
  • iPhone SE third-generation (2022)
  • iPad Air fourth-generation (2022)
  • iPad mini sixth-generation (2021)
  • iPad ninth-generation (2021)
  • iPad Pro (2018)
  • Apple TV 4K third-generation (2022)

You also need an Apple Music subscription to use the Sing feature. Apple Music Sing is currently unavailable on macOS and Android.

How Apple Music Sing works

Closeup of a studio microphone laying on a mixing console
It’s your turn for karaoke. What are you singing? | Image: Michael Maasen/Unsplash

Apple Music Sing uses machine learning to separate a song’s vocals from everything else. As a result, you can adjust the vocals as easily as dragging a slider.

Real-time lyrics make karaoke even better, with background vocals animating independently from the main vocals. Plus, a duet view shows multiple vocalists on opposite sides of the screen, making multi-singer tracks easier to sing along to.

The Sing feature is unavailable on songs outside the Apple Music catalog, like the music you’ve ripped from CDs or imported from other sources into the Music app. You cannot use Apple Music Sing with surround sound—If you turn on the Sing feature while listening to a Dolby Atmos song, Dolby Atmos will temporarily turn off.

Follow along with our tutorial to learn how to karaoke with the Sing feature in the Music app on your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

How to use Apple Music Sing on iPhone and iPad

Showcasing the Sing karaoke feature on Apple Music on iPhone
Hum or sing along with your favorite music | Image: Christian Zibreg/iDB

To use the Apple Music Sing karaoke feature with your favorite tune, hit the Lyrics button in the Music app’s player, then touch the microphone button.

  1. Launch the Music app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Start playing a compatible song from the Apple Music catalog.
  3. Touch the mini-player at the bottom to expand it.
  4. In the bottom-left, hit the Lyrics button (it resembles a quotation mark).
  5. Touch the Microphone button to start using Apple Music Sing.

You can adjust the vocal levels of the song by dragging the microphone slider up or down. If you’d like to AirPlay to HomePod, change your preferred audio output by touching the center icon at the bottom of the player, right next to the Lyrics button.

Touch the mic slider again to turn off the Sing feature for the selected song.

If you don’t see the microphone icon, this could mean two things. One, your device may not be compatible with Apple Music Sing. Or two, the currently-playing song may not have been upgraded with Apple Music Sing support yet.

How to use Apple Music Sing on Apple TV

Using Apple Music Sing on the third-generation Apple TV 4K
Using the Sing feature on an Apple TV requires tvOS 16.2 | Image: Apple>

To use the Sing feature on your Apple TV, play a song in the Music app, click the mic icon and then use the volume buttons on the remote to adjust the vocal track.

  1. Open the Music app on your Apple TV
  2. Plays a compatible song from Apple Music.
  3. If animated lyrics don’t show up automatically, click the Lyrics button on the right side of the scrubber. The icon looks like a quotation mark symbol.
  4. With the time-synced lyrics turned on, press the Back button on the remote and select the Microphone button above the scrubber, then click the Volume Up or Volume Down button on your remote to adjust the vocal track.

If you don’t see the mic button, either the song you’ve selected isn’t compatible with the Sing feature or you don’t have an Apple TV model that supports the Sing feature. Apple Music Sing only works on the third-generation Apple TV 4K (2022). You won’t see the microphone button if you have an older model.

How to find karaoke songs on Apple Music

Apple Music Sing playlists on iPad
Apple Music Sing playlists will get you started | Image: Christian Zibreg/iDB

A song must have time-synced lyrics to work with the Sing feature. Many songs in the Apple Music catalog support animated lyrics. Ones that only have non-animated lyrics or no lyrics at all won’t work with Apple Music Sing.

Apple created special genre-based playlists to highlight popular songs that work great with the Sing feature. To find them, open the Music app, select the Browse tab and then scroll down to see the playlists under the Apple Music Sing heading.

Karaoke nights will never be the same

Whether you’re learning the lyrics of a new song or just singing the refrain, Apple Music makes karaoke fun and accessible to everyone. You can sing along to your favorite music on your iPhone, iPad or Mac without any setup.

Apple’s attention to detail with features like adjustable vocals, animated background vocals and the duet view ensures a seamless experience. All you need to do is focus on the lyrics as they’re highlighted—and sing!

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