AI Image Maker, Watch Battery Monitor, and other apps to check out this weekend

Welcome back to another edition of our Apps of the Week roundup, where we highlight some of our favorite recent app discoveries. This week we have some great picks, including an ad-free AI image-maker, an Apple Watch battery monitor, and a powerful note-taking app. And as always, we’ve selected a new game for you to check out.

AI Image Maker – AI Art

Really Cody, another AI image-making app? Yes. Admittedly, I’ve gotten a little carried away with these over the past several months. But I just had to mention this one, as it remedies many of the issues I’ve had with the others. For starters, there are no ads—at least that I’ve seen thus far. I’ve also yet to hit any kind of limit on the amount of images I can generate (currently at 20+), and once created, images can be upscaled to 2048×2048. Throw in a bunch of fun filters and an average rendering time of less than 10 seconds, and you can see why AI Image Maker is worth checking out.

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Watch Battery Monitor

This one is a little bit more utilitarian. Watch Battery Monitor is an app that—you guessed it—monitors your Apple Watch battery charge and sends you notifications when the level hits your preset thresholds. To my knowledge, watchOS only notifies you when your watch hits 10% battery, which can be too late for you to act. With this app you can set an alert for when your Watch hits 20% or 50%, and you can even have it remind you after every 10% drops to recharge.

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Element Note

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a good new notes app, so when I stumbled across Element Note, I knew it was making this week’s roundup. The app bills itself as a next-gen note-taking app for sketching, PDF annotation, and all of your other note-taking needs. Features include a modern UI, several unique brushes, smooth rendering powered by Metal tech, powerful attachments, universal search, and much more.

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Circle – Endless Spinning Game

This week, we went with a super simple arcade game called Circle. There’s no backstory or voiceovers, and no upgradeable skills or weapons. You just have this rotating circle that you must help avoid endless obstacles by tapping to change the rotation direction. The mechanics kind of remind me of Flappy Bird, but with shapes, and that’s really all there is to it.

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