Carrot Weather luring Dark Sky users with a vertical layout and 25% discount

Carrot Weather offers Dark Sky users 25% off yearly subscriptions while bringing a new vertical layout option featuring a radar map and inline details.

Two iPhones showcasing radar maps and vertical layout in Carrot Weather set against. blue background with app logo and a notification reading "Precipitation. Heavy rain starting in 15 minutes."
Carrot Weather’s vertical inline view | Image: Carrot Weather
  • What’s happening? Carrot Weather, a meteorological app with attitude, has added new features to lure fans of the soon-to-be-discontinued Dark Sky app.
  • Why care? Carrot says the new layout should make Dark Sky users feel at home. The Dark Sky app is shutting down on January 1, 2023.
  • What to do? Download Carrot Weather from the App Store.

Carrot Weather wants to make Dark Sky people happy

5.9.2 update to Carrot Weather for iOS is now available with the new layout option. To activate this view, open the updated app, access the Layout Gallery and hit the Inline layout option. You can customize this view to your liking.

Carrot is pitching this update to fans of the hyperlocal meteorological app Dark Sky. The app already offers features that Dark Sky users will be familiar with, like custom threshold notifications and a weather time machine.

Carrot features unavailable in Dark Sky

Carrot also has features not found in Dark Sky: watchOS complications, widgets, a fully customizable interface, additional weather data sources, lightning and storm cell notifications, professional-grade individual radar stations and more.

The app made a name for itself with hilariously twisted forecasts and sarcastic remarks. You can change its personality in settings with options ranging from Friendly to Snarky to Homicidal and Overkill (which includes profanity).

Dark Sky features available in Apple’s Weather app

Apple's Weather app on iPhone, iPad and Mac
Apple’s Weather app uses the Dark Sky engine | Image: Christian Zibreg/Apple

Following the acquisition, Apple folded many Dark Sky features into its own Weather app on iPhone, iPad and Mac like down-to-the-minute precipitation forecasts, severe weather alerts, hourly forecasts for the next ten days, hyperlocal weather forecasts and more. Read: How to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit on Apple Weather

Apple then pulled the Android version and is about to discontinue the Dark Sky service and engine on January 1, 2023. So yeah, good timing on Carrot’s part.

An offer for Dark Sky users

In another effort to lure Dark Sky users, Carrot is also offering a limited-time discount on subscriptions. New Carrot users with Dark Sky installed on their iPhones can get 25 percent off the Premium Ultra subscription, or $30/year instead of $40/year. Carrot says that this marks the first time it’s offered a discount on Premium Ultra.

Carrot subscriptions come with a free 7-day trial.

How to download Carrot Weather

Use these links to download Carrot Weather from the App Store:

If you already have the app installed, you can get the latest version by visiting its App Store page using the above links and clicking the Update button. To get the inline layout and the discount on Premium Ultra, be sure that you’re running at least version 5.9.2 of Carrot Weather. Read: 5 free Mac weather apps