Save $100 on AirPods Max and more of today’s top tech deals

We're quickly approaching peak holiday shopping season, and the sales are really starting to roll in. One of the more notable deals we've come across today is this one from Amazon on AirPods Max. The retailer has Apple's premium headphones at a $100 discount right now, and just $20 off their all-time low.

Get two 10W wireless charging pads for $6 and more of today’s top tech deals

There are some things in life you can just never have too many of, and one of those things is wireless charging pads. You can put one in the kitchen, one by the couch, one by your bed—heck maybe even one in the bathroom. The truth is I can't tell you where to put them, but I can tell you where to get them. Best Buy right now has a 2-pack of 10W Qi wireless charging pads for just $6.49.