Pixelmator Pro is half price in a Black Friday deal, video editing support coming soon

This versatile Photoshop alternative for macOS has gone half-price in a Black Friday promotion, the last time the app will be that cheap.

Pixelmator Pro goes half-price in a Black Friday deal

Pixelmator Pro logo with the tagline "Pixelmator Pro 50% Off" below it, set against a solid black background
Pixelmator Pro will never be this cheap again | Image: Pixelmator

Pixelmator Pro is a versatile graphic editor for macOS crafted by Lithuanian brothers Saulius and Aidas Dailide. It’s arguably the best Photoshop alternative out there which regularly receives feature-packed updates. Today, the Pixelmator blog today announced a major update coming in December, packing video editing support.

To celebrate the milestone, they’ve decided to take fifty percent off Pixelmator Pro for macOS [App Store link] in a Black Friday sale starting Monday, November 21.

Pixelmator Pro isn’t a subscription app. In exchange for its regular asking price of $40 a pop, you get all the features and none of the anxiety associated with adding yet another subscription to your monthly expense list.

During this Black Friday promotion, you can download Pixelmator Pro on your Mac for $20 instead of $40. After the sale, they will raise the app’s price from $40 to around $50-60. “It’s the last time our users can get Pixelmator Pro this cheap,” they said. Read: How to convert file types to nearly any format on iPhone

Pixelmator Pro is gaining video editing support

Pixelmator Pro is not only a fantastic bitmap-based graphic editor with elements of vector drawing and illustrating, but will soon add video editing support.

Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming feature.

This will permit Pixelmator Pro users to edit videos using familiar image editing tools and design compositions with video layers.

For further information, read the Pixelmator blog.