How to update Apple MagSafe Battery Pack firmware and see what’s new

Learn how to force an update of the software powering Apple’s MagSafe battery pack for iPhone, which will ensure you have the latest features and fixes.

Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack is seen stuck to the back of an iPhone, which is resting in the palm of a young person's hand, in this still image taken from iDB's video review of the accessory

A battery pack powered by a tiny computer

We admit the idea of running a portable battery through a software update process sounds a little weird. After all, those things aren’t real computers, are they?

As a matter of fact, Apple’s own MagSafe-based battery pack for iPhone does happen to have a tiny computer embedded inside. The device uses several chips allowing it to perform its function safely and work in concert with your iPhone in a way that won’t damage its own battery. Read: How to update Apple AirTag firmware

For instance, you have your interface control chip for fast charging via the USB Power Delivery protocol. There’s also an NFC chip inside the battery pack and yet another one responsible for adjusting the adapter output voltage.

Follow along with us as we show you how to update the firmware on the Apple MagSafe battery pack for iPhone. Read: How to fix iPhone not turning off the display, sleeping or locking automatically

How to update MagSafe battery pack firmware

There’s no software update interface for the MagSafe battery pack. When a new firmware launches, the accessory will eventually update itself. In this scenario, no action is required on your part. MagSafe updates are delivered over the air, with your iPhone installing new firmware to the connected battery pack.

Just like you need to be patient for an AirPods update to auto-install itself, Apple’s support page states that “the firmware update can take about one week.”

To force the update, plug one end of the cable into the battery pack’s Lightning port and the other into a USB-C port of your Mac or iPad. Doing so will prompt the firmware update to install immediately, which will take five minutes to complete.

Check the firmware version to see whether your battery pack is already up to date.

How to check MagSafe battery pack firmware version

You can check the version number of the connected Apple MagSafe battery pack in the Settings app on your iPhone, in the General right About section.

  1. Magnetically attach your MagSafe battery pack to the back of your iPhone.
  2. Open the Settings app.
  3. Choose General from the root list.
  4. Select About.
  5. Finally, select the entry labeled MagSafe Battery Pack.

The current firmware version (2.7 as of this writing) will be displayed on this screen.

How to see what’s new in updates for MagSafe battery pack

Apple lets you see what’s new in the latest software update for your iPhone by touching Learn More on to software update screen.

But without any kind of user-facing update interface available, you must rely on Apple’s support pages. And while other Apple devices have changelogs available on the web, that’s not the case with the MagSafe battery pack. Your next best shot is probably making sure to make a daily habit of visiting iDB to stay on top of things.

Why update MagSafe battery pack in the first place?

Just like owners of Tesla cars get increased range by installing a software update that optimizes battery performance, software updates from Apple’s MagSafe battery pack typically bring quality-of-life enhancements, such as improved performance.

For instance, a software update for the MagSafe battery pack that bumped version number to 2.7.b.0 brought support for faster wireless charging at 7.5W.

Wherever there’s computer software and hardware, there are going to be errors and issues. With a quick software update, you can get all the latest fixes to ensure your MagSafe battery pack is functioning the way it’s supposed to.

MagSafe battery pack works on all iPhones from the iPhone 12 family onward.