Apple updates MagSafe charger firmware, but what’s new?

The MagSafe charger software now has version number though it’s unclear whether the refreshed software brings any new features or bug fixes.

iPhone 12 resting on Apple's MagSafe charger next to AirPods Pro
MagSafe chargers work with iPhone 12 and up | Image: Studio Proper/Unsplash
  • What’s happening? Apple on October 4, 2022, released updated firmware for its MagSafe charging puck, bumping the version number from to
  • Why care? Because the new firmware might include optimizations to make it work better with the latest devices like the new AirPods Pro 2 and iPhone 14.
  • What to do? Leave your iPhone on the charger overnight, which will prompt iOS to automatically download and install the latest MagSafe firmware.

Apple updates MagSafe firmware with unknown features

According to MacRumors, the updated software actually has a version number of 10M1821 (up from the earlier 10M229 firmware) but the Settings app displays the update as version (versus for the prior firmware).

This is the third MagSafe update following the charger’s debut in the fall of 2020. To apply the new firmware, be sure to leave your iPhone on it overnight. Alternatively, connect the charger to a USB-C port on your Mac for an immediate update.

It’s unclear which new features the software brings—Apple doesn’t provide release notes for MagSafe updates. Aside from bug fixes and optimizations, the new software is speculated to enable full compatibility with Apple’s latest devices, the iPhone 14 and AirPods Pro 2. Read: 20+ things to do after getting new AirPods

How to update MagSafe charger firmware

Software updates for the MagSafe charger are automatically downloaded and installed when the charger is connected to power and an iPhone.

There’s no outward-facing interface to manually download and install MagSafe updates. Also, MagSafe updates don’t show up in Apple’s familiar software update mechanism for delivering iOS updates in Settings → General → Software Update.

In other words, all you can do is put your iPhone on the charger and leave it overnight, hoping iOS would download and install the latest firmware.

How to view MagSafe model number and firmware version

There is, however, a way to check the version number of your MagSafe charger. With the charger connected to your iPhone and plugged into a USB-C power source, go to Settings → General → About → MagSafe Charger.

That’s where you’ll find both the model number and firmware version for your MagSafe charger. You may need to force-quit the Settings app if you don’t see your charger listed in the Settings app. Read: How to fix iPhone or iPad refusing to charge