TrollStore perma-signing utility adds better support for app plug-ins & other quality of life enhancements

If you haven’t already heard, there’s a useful new perma-signing utility for sideloadable apps in town called TrollStore by iOS developer opa334, and since it works with both jailbroken iOS & iPadOS 14.0-14.8.1 devices and non-jailbroken iOS & iPadOS 15.0-15.1.1 devices, it really seems to be taking the community by storm.

With TrollStore, users can bypass the App Store entirely to install .ipa files that will become permanently signed with the help of a known exploit in the supported versions above. This means not re-signing apps every seven days if using a free Apple developer account, or every year if using a paid Apple developer account.

Despite a slew of updates since the initial release, the developer hasn’t stopped trying to improve the final product. Two more updates released on Monday appear to future advance the user experience for those who require the utility’s useful perma-signing capabilities. We’ll discuss what’s new in each version below

Version 1.0.6 – released on Monday, September 5th

This update was merely released to fix app plug-ins. Additionally, to make plug-in features work for already-installed and perma-signed apps, users can take advantage of the “Rebuild Icon Cache” feature in the TrollStore app’s internal settings.

Version 1.0.7 – released on Monday, September 5th

This update is a bit more complex than the first, improving upon a bevy of features in the TrollStore app and adding support for the iPad mini 6. Some of the improvements include:

  • Preventing the re-signing of an app when the main binary is already signed with a fake root certificate
  • Preventing the re-signing of an app when its plist file has the TSBundlePreSigned key set to YES
  • Displaying an error when ldid isn’t installed and an app isn’t signed rather than installing it
  • Improving entitlement dumping by using a system API instead of a homebrewed file parsing code

Both updates described above are available from the TrollStore project’s official GitHub page, but if you have any intention of installing TrollStore for the first time or upgrading from an older release, then we obviously recommend downloading and installing the latest version, which is version 1.0.7 as of the time of this writing.

Currently, TrollStore does not support A9-equipped iPhones or iPads, which is important to keep in mind if you have one of these devices and intend to use this utility.

Have you downloaded and installed the TrollStore utility yet? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.