Visible drops price of base unlimited data plan to $30/month, unveils new Visible+ plan with 5GUW access

Visible, a smaller and more affordable cellular service company run by Verizon Wireless, is expanding its plan offerings to better suit the needs of its users.

Previously a single-plan carrier with unlimited 5G nationwide & 4G LTE data, talk, text, and unlimited personal hotspot included for $40 per month, Visible is reducing its cheapest plan to $30 per month and offering a new Visible+ option for $45 per month.

The latest plan offering includes all the goodies of the original plan, but includes some extras, such as access to Verizon’s faster 5G ultra wideband network, higher priority data, and expanded international calling and texting support, among other things.

The news comes as Visible has gradually enhanced its network offerings, including support for the Apple Watch and the ability for iPhone users to test the network quality before buying by using a temporary free trial eSIM.

Visible users can upgrade from their existing plans via the Visible app on their device. Since the transition may interrupt data service, it is strongly recommended that you only proceed if connected to Wi-Fi or a second carrier, such as in a dual-SIM configuration.

Even if you’re not onboard with the enhanced features offered by the Visible+ plan, the cheaper $30 Visible plan is still attractive for those who want an affordable unlimited data plan. Further discounts are available by joining into Party Pay and referring other members.

Be sure to check out our original review of the Visible network to find out more about what it’s all about. You can also get your first month for just $5 by using the promo code 3pd8v2.

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