Here’s what’s new and different in iOS 16 beta 5

Earlier today, Apple seeded the fifth beta of iOS 16 to developers. And, as is par for the course, the new seed also includes a few new tweaks to the formula. Nothing is quite set in stone, and some of these new elements may not make it to the final cut when the software launches to the public later this year.

Until then, though, here’s a quick look at what’s new in the latest developer beta for iOS 16.

New features and other changes in iOS 16 dev beta 5

  • Battery percentage in the status bar: As we noted in a separate article, Apple has deemed the battery percentage indicator within the status bar worthy. And, as a result, it has made its triumphant return. For those who might not know, Apple removed the battery percentage indicator from the status bar when it launched the iPhone X. Since then, each new flagship iPhone has not included the feature. That will change with the launch of iOS 16, though, as Apple has finally brought it back.
  • Now Playing on Lock Screen: Apple has added a real-time audio visualizer to the Apple Music Lock Screen feature. It’s now present in the top-right corner of the feature, and it will react to the music that’s playing.
  • Apple Music and Lossless Audio/Dolby Atmos: Apple has made a small change within the Apple Music app, tweaking the placement of details for Dolby Atmos and Lossless Audio. In the current public release of iOS, these details are present below the “Play” and “Shuffle” buttons. With iOS 16, though, Apple is moving them right next to the genre of the song/album you’re listening to.
  • No More Perspective Zoom for Lock Screen wallpapers: In an interesting move, Apple has removed the Perspective Zoom feature for Lock Screen wallpapers.
  • Screenshots: Apple is adding another option when you’re finished editing a screenshot. Now, after you take that screenshot and edit it, when you tap on “Done” there will be another option that includes “Copy and Delete,” rather than just “Delete”.
  • Find My sound: Apple made the sound that plays when you try to find a misplaced iPhone, making it a bit louder and more different than what’s been present in previous betas or in iOS 15.
  • New sound for finding an iPhone with Apple Watch: In addition to the change to Find My, Apple is also making it so that there’s a different sound when you try to locate a misplaced iPhone with your Apple Watch. It’s the same one Apple’s using for the new Find My sound, making everything the same when it needs to be.
  • Emergency Call (formerly known as Emergency SOS): When you activate the emergency screen with this latest iOS 16 beta (find out how to do that here), the “Emergency SOS” option has been changed to “Emergency Call”.

There we have it, the big new additions to the latest beta of iOS 16.