Apple reinstates the battery percentage in the status bar with the latest iOS 16 beta

When Apple introduced the iPhone X, it also took something away: the battery percentage present in the status bar. This used to be a handy feature, making it easy to see just how much battery life remained in your iPhone at a glance. Especially if you prefer percentages. But, Apple removed it, and, up until today, it didn’t appear that the company was too ken on bringing it back.

However! The times have changed, and it looks like Apple is ready to welcome the battery percentage back to the status bar. That’s the good news. The slightly less good news is that it’s not live for everyone at the moment, as it’s only available in the fifth developer beta of iOS 16, which Apple seeded earlier today. Which means the general public will have to wait until the wide release of iOS 16 to actually get this feature on their own device(s).

For those who have access to the latest developer beta (and, presumably, the upcoming public beta), turning on this “new” feature is pretty easy. Head into Settings –> Battery –> Battery Percentage. The last step is a toggle, which you can switch on or off based on your needs.

In our testing, it doesn’t look like the feature is available on the iPhone 13 mini, so that’s something to be aware of.

This should be a welcomed addition/change for iOS 16 users! It’s obviously been one of the more requested features ever since Apple dropped the battery percentage from the status bar with the launch of the iPhone X.

Are you glad to have it back?