Here’s what’s new in iOS 16 beta 3

As we we march towards the public launch of iOS 16, Apple is in the process of issuing betas of the upcoming update. And, as is par for the course, Apple continues to tweak the software and add new features to the mix preparing for the public launch later this year.

A scene from the June 6 WWDC 2022 keynote, with Apple's software chief Craig Federighi standing in front of a slide showcasing the iOS 16 icon

As a result, there is always a chance that each subsequent beta will have something new compared to the previous beta. So, below, you’ll find a quick roundup of what’s new in the latest beta of iOS 16 — which is a lot of what iPadOS 16 users will see, too.

So without delay, here’s what’s new.

But first, a video!

iOS 16 beta 3 new additions

Lockdown Mode

  • This is a new, extreme security measure that Apple bills as a way to protect iPhone, iPad, and Mac owners from “mercenary spyware.” The new feature is designed specifically for individuals who might be targeted by groups, including private companies, even if Apple knows this is a “small number” of people. It’s completely optional and opt-in.

AFib History

  • This one’s along for the ride with watchOS 9, which will also launch this fall alongside iOS 16. With AFib History, those with atrial fibrillation will be able to track more easily their symptoms over time. This new feature is discoverable within the Health app. It’s only available in the United States for now.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

  • Apple is looking at even easier ways to share photos and videos with the iCloud Shared Photo Library. It’s also collaborative, too. Users will be able to add up to five individuals, each of which will be able to not only view shared media, but also add their own, delete content, and even edit photos and videos.

The other details

Lock Screen

  • Apple made some changes to the font that is selectable for editing the Lock Screen. Now there are 12 different fonts to choose from, including thicker and thinner serif font options.
  • Apple tweaked the widget for the Calendar app on the Lock Screen. For privacy’s sake, the newly updated widget now won’t show upcoming event information when the device is locked. The information will be presented once the device is unlocked.
  • The Earth wallpaper will no longer interfere with widgets displayed on the Lock Screen.


  • Raised from the depths of iOS history, the original clownfish wallpaper has made a comeback:


  • Folks will see a new “Include Due Today” option for setting reminders.