Apple offers better sharing in Photos in iOS 16 with iCloud Shared Photo Library

Apple is making it easier to share photos with people in iOS 16. It’s already pretty easy to share photos, especially with people using Family Sharing. However, with iOS 16, Apple is making it even easier. And, in some instances, even automatic. Even directly from the Camera app.

Introducing iCloud Shared Photo Library. It’s a separate iCloud library that a family can contribute to, including adding photos, removing photos, and editing them, too. It’s easy to pick what’s shared, too, including choosing who are in photos. It’s easy to manually add new photos to the feature, too. There’s a brand new option in Camera, too, which can automatically add new photos to the shared library right away. Taking a personal photo? Just switch off the feature to automatically share with iCloud Shared Photo Library.

There is intelligence when sharing, too. And captions, keywords, and deleted photos will sync. These photos will show off in the widgets app, too.

All of this will make sharing photos with the people you want even easier, and makes Family Sharing even better.