Video: iOS 16’s revamped iPhone lock screen—every new feature covered!

Apple with its iOS 16 software has performed the first major overhaul to the iPhone’s iconic lock screen. Watch this video for everything new on the iOS 16 lock screen!

  • iOS 16 is the first major redesign of the iPhone’s lock screen, letting you create multiple lock screens each with its own wallpaper, widgets and focus mode.
  • You can also customize the font for the current time, use dynamic wallpapers, choose widgets that take inspiration from Apple Watch complications and more.
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iOS 16: Overhauling the iPhone’s lock screen

Apple unveiled new features for the iPhone’s lock screen in iOS 16 during its 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, held on June 6. In this video, we show you how to customize the iPhone’s lock screen font and color in iOS 16, add custom widgets, create multiple lock screens and connect every one of them to a different focus mode, and more. We also cover redesigned notification styles for the lock screen and much more. Read: How to use Unsplash for your iPhone wallpapers

Say hello to a new lock screen gallery

iOS 16 lets you create multiple lock screens and customize each and every one of them to your liking. The built-in editor lets you create multiple lock screens and tie each one to a focus mode. You can quickly create lock screens from scratch using your favorite emoji or color combinations, or use pre-determined customizations.

Dynamic, animated wallpapers

You can even use Apple’s own Pride or Unity wallpapers to celebrate special cultural moments. On top of that, Apple provides you with specially-crafted, animated wallpapers for live weather conditions and views of the Earth, moon and our Solar system. For further information, watch our other video for a hands-on walkthrough of Apple’s brand-new wallpaper experience in iOS 16, including all the new wallpapers. Read: How to automatically change your iPhone wallpaper every day

Live activities on the lock screen

A still image from iDownloadBlog's video showcasing Apple's redesigned iPhone lock screen experience in iOS 16
iOS 16 overhauls your iPhone’s lock screen | Image: Michael Billig / iDB

iOS 16 also includes another new feature for the iPhone’s lock screen, dubbed live activities. With it, you can check out real-time statistics such as sports scores, workout stats, ride-share or food delivery updates and more—all right from your lock screen, without using an app. This requires developer support. Apple’s promised to release a Live Activities API for developers to use in their apps later this year.

When will iOS 16 launch for everyone?

iOS 16, iPadOS 16, tvOS 16, watchOS 9 and macOS 13 Ventura are currently in beta testing with Apple’s registered developers. Public betas will follow sometime in July, allowing non-developers, early adopters and just about anyone to test drive Apple’s prerelease software on their own device. The updates will launch publicly in the fall. Read: 5 easy and free ways to create memes on your iPhone or iPad