Video: Checking out all the new iOS 16 wallpapers and wallpaper features

In this video, we will show you all the new iOS 16 wallpapers for your iPhone, as well as walk you through Apple’s completely revamped wallpaper experience.

  • iOS 16 brings lock screen changes along with a revamped wallpaper experience.
  • Apple’s even tapped Siri intelligence for wallpaper curation in iOS 16.
  • In this video, we show you all the new iOS 16 wallpapers.

Video: Apple’s new iOS 16 wallpapers for your iPhone

Apple unveiled iOS 16 and other platform updates at its June 9 WWDC 2022 keynote. The biggest two new features in iOS 16 are a redesigned lock screen and new features as they relate to iPhone wallpapers. On top of that, iOS 16 packs in some new marketing wallpapers that you’ll be seeing on Apple’s website, in ads and so on. Aside from these regular wallpapers, iOS 16 includes a few specially-created ones that change dynamically. Read: How to use Unsplash for iPhone wallpapers

The dynamic Weather and Astronomy wallpapers

Like a new, specially-crafted Weather wallpaper which features wonderful fullscreen animations that illustrate the current weather conditions in your area. This wallpaper is dynamic in that it responds to live weather conditions as they change throughout the day. Or take an Astronomy wallpaper with its awesome views of the Earth, moon and our Solar system. You can use both these wallpapers on your iPhone’s lock screen and browse them all using iOS 16’s built-in lock screen gallery.

Other iPhone wallpaper features in iOS 16

A still image from iDownloadBlog's video showcasing Apple's redesigned iPhone wallpaper experience in iOS 16
iOS 16’s revamped interface for managing wallpapers | Image: Michael Billig / iDB

There are also the Pride and Unity wallpapers to celebrate special cultural moments. Of course, you can also use your own image as a lock screen wallpaper. Thanks to Apple’s magic, the subject of your photo appears in front of the clock on a lock screen, creating a subtle depth effect. iOS 16 even allows you to create multiple lock screens, each using its own particular wallpaper, widgets and focus mode.

When will Apple launch iOS 16 and other updates?

iOS 16, iPadOS 16, tvOS 16, watchOS 9 and macOS 13 Ventura betas are currently being tested with Apple’s registered developers. Public betas will follow sometime in July, allowing non-developers, early adopters and just about anyone to test drive Apple’s prerelease software on their own device. The updates will launch publicly in the fall. Read: How to quickly switch to a new iPhone wallpaper from Unsplash