iOS 15.6 fixes Apple’s Music app installing itself in the iPhone’s dock

iOS 15.6 has fixed a weird Apple Music bug that would cause the stock Music app to replace the app found in the fourth spot of your iPhone’s dock.

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  • An Apple Music bug in iOS that would cause the Music app to replace whatever app was in the fourth position of your iPhone’s dock has been fixed.
  • It’s no longer present in the latest beta of iOS 15.6. Apple’s implemented a fix even though the company hasn’t publicly acknowledged this bug.
  • iOS 15.6 is expected to launch publicly in a few weeks as the last major update to iOS 15 as Apple is about to start testing iOS 16, the next major update.

iOS 5.6 fixes an Apple Music bug that messed up your dock

YouTube creator Aaron Zollo has confirmed on Twitter that this apparent Apple Music bug has been squished in the second developer beta of iOS 15.6.

William Gallagher, AppleInsider:

Given the rivalry between Apple Music and Spotify, the fact that Apple’s app would mysteriously push Spotify’s out of iPhone docks was seen to be suspicious. However, Apple reached out to AppleInsider to say that this behavior was a bug, and that it was being investigated.

Did anyone in their right mind really think Apple would programmatically force the Music app to replace the app in the fourth spot of their docks? That would’ve been too much even for Apple so of course that wasn’t intended behavior.

What does this bug do, specifically?

A weird bug in iOS 15.5 caused the stock Music app to install itself in the iPhone’s dock after being re-installed from the App Store. In some cases, the Music app would even set itself as the default music service for Siri requests. In all cases, the Music app would kick out other apps in the dock, sometimes even replacing Spotify if it was in the forum spot in the dock. Read: How to use macOS Dock

But as it turns out, this wasn’t some nefarious scheme on Apple’s part to target Spotify or any other specific third-party music app. The bug only manifested itself when you re-downloaded the Music app from the App Store. Normally when you download any app from the store, it goes to your home screen or the App Library.

When will iOS 15.6 launch?

Apple is currently testing the second beta of iOS 15.6 with its developers. There will be a few more betas until the software is ready for prime time. iOS 15.6 will launch publicly when it’s ready for prime time, most likely in June. Apple is also going to preview iOS 16 and other major updates to its software platforms at its five-day Worldwide Developers Conference which kicks off with a June 6 keynote.