Route Planner, ManGo, Weavit and other apps to check out this weekend

In this week’s episode of our Apps of the Week roundup we have a powerful route-planner, an anime and manga tracker, and an ai-powered mind-mapper. And as always, we’ve selected a fun new game to check out.

Route Planner, MyWay, Delivery

Here’s an interesting app. It’s called Route Planner, and as its name suggests it helps you optimize your trips—whether you are a delivery driver or simply road-tripping. It can optimize routes with up to 400 stops, 10000 miles of distance, and it’s chock-full of navigation/courier features.

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ManGo – Anime & Manga Tracker

Next up we have ManGo, for all of the anime fans out there. It’s a well-designed tracker app with a special focus on anime and manga. With you can [obviously] keep track of what you’re watching or reading, view rankings, place-mark episodes, and much more. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and even Apple Watch.

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Finally there’s Weavit. It’s pitched as a digital map of your brain, allowing you to quickly capture thoughts, tasks and inspiration on the go. It features AI-powered search and suggestions, integration with your contacts, calendar, email and much more. Is this what Bradley Cooper from the movie Limitless uses?

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Love is… in small things

This week’s game pick was going to be an awesome battle tanks arcade game, but I decided to switch things up. Instead I went with Love is…, a stress-free emotional healing art game. There are over 300 levels featuring calming puzzles, beautiful artwork and an original soundtrack.

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