WhatsApp is working on letting you send and receive messages with your Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses

WhatsApp’s integration with Ray-Ban Stories will let you send and receive messages, and make calls, using your voice on the smart glasses.

A young woman is wearing a pair of Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses, realized in partnership with Meta (formerly Facebook), in this promotional image
Image credit: Ray-Ban
  • WhatsApp is working on the ability to link accounts to the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses which Meta (formerly Facebook) launched back in September 2021.
  • This would enable the user to send and receive messages on WhatsApp using only their voice on the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses.
  • The smart glasses let people record and share 60-second clips via the Facebook platform and integrate with Messenger for messaging and voice calling.

WhatsApp developing Ray-Ban Stories integration

Meta is working on the ability to read and send WhatsApp messages to their contacts, as well as calls, using the built-in Facebook Assistant on their Ray-Ban stories. Dictating a WhatsApp message to the digital assistant would free you from having to take your iPhone out of your pocket. However, it seems that voice assistant support currently doesn’t include Google Assistant.

You’ll first use the Linked Devices feature in the WhatsApp settings to link your phone to a Ray-Ban Stories. If you’ve ever linked WhatsApp on your iPhone with the desktop app on your Mac, then you already know how linking devices works. Screenshot evidence shared by WABetaInfo shows a Ray-Ban Stories listed on the Linked Devices list. Read: How to check if a phone nubmer is on WhatsApp

All linked devices appear in this section, but this is the first time Linked Devices recognizes the Meta-powered smart glasses. And that right there is our first real clue that Meta is indeed developing this capability. And for those concerned about privacy, pieces of code analyzed by WABetaInfo also suggest that all of the messages and calls will be end-to-end encrypted, meaning no one, not even WhatsApp’s parent Meta, will be able to read them.

When will WhatsApp/Ray-Ban Stories integration launch?

This WhatsApp feature is still under development, but WABetaInfo has managed to unearth references for linking a user’s account to the smart glasses from WhatsApp beta for Android, which is available via Google Play Beta Program.

The feature has yet to enter beta testing so you’d be wise not to expect it to launch until at least a few weeks, possibly even months. If you have signed up for the WhatsApp beta on the Play Store, you will be able to test sending messages with your Ray-Ban Stories as soon as Meta rolls out this feature to beta testers. And when Ray-Ban Stories integration is ready for prime time, it’ll launch publicly via a future update to WhatsApp. Read: How to fix WhatsApp not working