CoolStar juggles possibility of using Åkerblom’s kernel exploit to support up to iOS 14.8.1 via Taurine jailbreak

Security researcher John Åkerblom took everyone by surprise in April after releasing a kernel exploit for iOS & iPadOS 15.0-15.1.1. Setting this exploit apart from the one initially released by b1n4r1b01 was how it could be adapted to support the latest versions of iOS & iPadOS 14, up to and including 14.8.1.

This was especially big news since checkra1n is the only tool that can jailbreak iOS & iPadOS 14.8.1, and it’s limited to A7-A11-equipped devices. The unc0ver jailbreak only supports up to iOS & iPadOS 14.5.1 on most devices and iOS & iPadOS 14.6-14.8 on A12 and A13 devices via Fugu14. Comparatively, the competing Taurine jailbreak only supports up to iOS & iPadOS 14.3.

Now, it seems Odyssey Team lead developer CoolStar might be interested in harnessing Åkerblom’s recently-unveiled kernel exploit to further the development of the original Taurine jailbreak for iOS & iPadOS 14.

In an announcement shared via the Sileo / Taurine / Odyssey Discord channel Wednesday evening, CoolStar said that the exploit should work on A10 and newer devices, up to and including A14. Unfortunately, this excludes A8-A9X devices:

While CoolStar hasn’t committed to using the exploit in Taurine, she did note that she would “take a look at possibly” updating Taurine to take advantage of the exploit. This means that, time permitting, CoolStar would check the viability of the exploit and consider implementing it into Taurine if possible.

If such a feat comes to fruition, then this would be huge for the jailbreak community because it would expand jailbreak eligibility for all devices up to and including iOS & iPadOS 14.8.1 — even those that are newer than the A11-equipped handsets already supported by checkra1n.

Notably, the Odyssey Team is also spearheading efforts to release a rootless iOS & iPadOS 15.0-15.1.1 jailbreak. While it has been commonly referred to as Taurine15, the Odyssey Team tends to pick a more original name closer to release.

As for the competing unc0ver jailbreak, lead developer Pwn20wnd hasn’t publicly announced anything about iOS & iPadOS 15, or even Åkerblom’s exploit for newer versions of iOS & iPadOS 14 for that matter.

If the Odyssey Team adds support for iOS & iPadOS 14.8.1 and earlier to Taurine, would you be taking advantage of it? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.