Apple celebrating Heart Month with a new Apple Watch fitness challenge and more

If you feel like working out on Valentine’s Day and completing a new Apple Watch activity challenge, you’ll earn a virtual award in the Fitness app and animated stickers for bragging rights. so, do you feel like working out this Valentine’s Day?

Apple's marketing image showing a medal for the successful completion of the Apple Watch Activity challenge for Heart Month in February
  • Apple announces a new Apple Watch activity challenge for Heart Month in February
  • Complete a 30-minute workout on February 14 to earn a special virtual award
  • Fitness+ will join the challenge with a specially curated section

Apple Watch activity challenge for Heart Month in February

Apple is celebrating Heart Month with new resources across services, including insights from the company’s heart and movement study and a brand new fitness challenge for Apple Watch wearers. Read: Things to do after buying a new Apple Watch

The Heart Month activity challenge launches globally on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

You’ll be required to complete a 30-minute workout in the Workout app or any other fitness app that writes data to the Health debatable. Completing the challenge will earn you a virtual medal in the Fitness app on iPhone along with animated stickers for iMessage and FaceTime. Starting February 14, Apple’s workout subscription service dubbed Fitness+ will feature a special section of 30-minute energizing workouts.

On top of that, throughout February customers in the US, Canada, the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany and the UAE enjoy extra savings on Apple Watch trade-ins.

New resources across Apple services

“Marking Heart Month, Apple is offering custom compilations across Fitness+, App Store, the TV app, Apple Podcasts and Apple Books,” reads a release onĀ Apple’s website.

The following curated collections are available for 2022 Valentine’s Day:

  • App Store: A collection of apps like HeartWatch, Gentler Streak and Zones for cardiovascular health
  • Apple Books: A collection of titles that focus on heart health, including books on heart science, emotional well-being and healthy eating.
  • TV app: A selection of movies and shows dealing with heart disease, heart science and healthy living.
  • Apple Podcasts: A group of podcasts on the Browse tab featuring medical experts
  • Fitness+: A new Time to Walk episode featuring former mixed martial arts champion Georges St-Pierre

Apple also shared an analysis of activity data shared from its heart and movement study based on 18 million workouts logged using Apple Watch during the pandemic.

Be sure to read Apple’s press release for details of the study.