Every iPhone 14 model rumored to feature 120Hz refresh rates and 6GB of RAM

After years of waiting, and plenty of requests/demands, Apple finally introduced a smartphone with a 120Hz refresh rate for the display. Two, actually, thanks to both the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max welcoming the new addition. And now it appears Apple’s ready to share the wealth.

Image from Apple's YouTube video showing ProMotion technology in action, with a hand holding an iPhone 13 Pro and scrolling through a list and the title "120Hz adaptive refresh rate" overlaid on top
Image credit: Apple / YouTube

According to a new research note from Haitong International Securities, seen by¬†MacRumors, Apple is going to adopt the 120Hz ProMotion display feature across the entire iPhone 14 lineup. That would include four different models, just as we’ve seen in the past. However, instead of a mini handset, we expect Apple to launch a pair of iPhone 14 models with 6.1-inch displays, and two additional handsets with 6.7-inch screens.

With the adoption of a ProMotion display, every iPhone 14 model will feature a variable refresh rate display. Overall, this should make content look far more smoother, including when scrolling through webpages. It was easily one of the more oft-requested features for the iPhone lineup for quite some time.

Apple adopting the feature to all the iPhone 14 models makes sense, though. Not just because of the new screen sizes reportedly set to debut later this year (with Apple dropping the “small” mini option), but because that’s typically how Apple works its features through the lineup in general. What it introduces as a standout feature in the Pro lineup eventually trickles its way down. Even if that means from the larger Pro model to the slightly smaller variant.

But wait, that’s not all

According to the research note, Apple is going to also go with a more universal approach with available RAM as well. Right now, the iPhone 13 lineup is a mix between 4GB and 6GB of RAM, with the non-Pro models featuring the slightly lower amount. But Apple is now said to adopt 6GB of RAM across the board, with every iPhone 14 model using 6GB of RAM.

The report also echoes claims the iPhone 14 Pro lineup will upgrade the camera setup to include a 48MP option, and that the slightly more expensive iPhones will start at 256GB of built-in storage, rather than 128GB. Interestingly, the research note also claims Apple’s going to lead with only 64GB in the standard iPhone 14 variants.

Aside from the 64GB bit, the other rumors seem perfectly plausible. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all pans out.