Apple’s $19 Polishing Cloth is back in stock

In October of 2021, Apple launched what is arguably one of its most innovative products. Something that a lot of people were requesting. Demanding, even. It felt like a long time coming, but the company finally bent to the will of the people and we got . . . the Polishing Cloth.

An image of Apple's $29 polishing cloth for cleaning Apple displays and devices

And apparently it came out at the right time, because it went fast. The Polishing Cloth, which features an Apple logo printed right on the fabric itself, sold out pretty quickly. It was backordered until late November just a couple of days after launch.

And, soon after that, it became relatively “impossible” to get one delivered before the holidays. Which meant a lot of waiting for a $19 cleaning cloth.

But, the wait is over. 9to5Mac was first to notice that Apple’s Polishing Cloth is now back in stock and shipping with regularity. Meaning, if you order one today, you’ll probably be lucky enough to get it by Friday, January 14, 2022. That’s with the free delivery option.

But, if the past is any indicator, then you know you’ll probably want to act fast to make sure you secure your Polishing Cloth before shipping starts slipping again. And hey, if you’re curious, the folks over at iFixit actually gave the Polishing Cloth the teardown treatment and found it’s actually a pair of cleaning cloths glued together.

If you didn’t get a chance to secure a Polishing Cloth before, will you be placing your order now?