Apple’s Polishing Cloth gets the teardown treatment, earns big zero in repairability score

We live in a world where, if you go to Apple’s website right now and order a Polishing Cloth with the company’s logo on it, you won’t receive it for 10 to 12 weeks. That’s mid-January of next year. But, before you make that purchase, what if we told you that you can’t repair that cleaning accessory? Would that matter?

An image of Apple's $29 polishing cloth for cleaning Apple displays and devices

Probably not. Which is where the joke starts, and leads us into the teardown treatment that the fine folks over at iFixit just gave the cloth. That’s right! In the process of dismantling Apple’s brand new 14-inch MacBook Pro, they detoured and took apart the new Polishing Cloth.

It’s a quick process, as you can imagine. Not a lot of glue or bolts or battery pull tabs. But! It does turn out that there are actually two cloths glued together. So, some glue. iFixit jokes that if you’re balking at the $19 price tag for one cleaning cloth, maybe forking over $9.50 for two isn’t so bad. Not that you should tear apart your Polishing Cloth, mind.

The teardown says that the Polishing Cloth has a similar feel to the inside of Apple’s own iPad Smart Cover. That case features a microfiber lining.

What about that repairability score, though, right? Well, you’ll probably be shocked to hear that the Polishing Cloth with Apple’s logo has a terrible score. 0 out of 10, in fact. But that’s because the cloth won’t go back together after being cut up, which is just ridiculous if you think about it for $19.

The new Apple Polishing Cloth earns a 0 out of 10 on our repairability scale, for distracting us from a very important MacBook Pro teardown and not going back together after we cut it into pieces with scissors.

Did you order a Polishing Cloth? If so, when are you getting it? Next year some time?