German users confirm being able to report accidents and hazards on Apple Maps

Folks in Germany can now take advantage of Apple Maps incident reporting to report accidents and various road hazards following the feature’s launch in the US and China.

An iPhone screenshot showing the traffic incident reporting options in Apple Maps


  • Apple Maps customers in Germany can now report incidents
  • People can report accidents and road hazards within Maps
  • However, users aren’t permitted to report speed cameras

Apple Maps incident reporting launches in Germany

According to the German-language blog, customers in Germany can now report accidents and hazards in the Maps on their iPhones. Before today, this helpful feature was only supported in the United States and mainland China.

The feature went briefly live in August 2021 for customers in the Netherlands.

When navigating, simply pull up a card to reveal a new option to report a road hazard or an accident. After selecting the type of incident you’d like to report, a countdown timer starts giving you a chance to change your mind and cancel the operation.

Local users report being able to access this feature through Siri and CarPlay as well. German customers cannot, however, report speed checks like their counterparts in the US can. Read: How to report accidents, road hazards and more on Apple Maps

Supported by Maps since iOS 14.5, this Waze-like crowdsourced reporting feature lets the Cupertino company improve the accuracy and reliability of its mapping product.

Incident reporting was added to Maps via the iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 updates which were released for public consumption on April 26, 2021. At launch, the feature was available in the United States and mainland China. Read: How to recognize and show traffic conditions on Apple Maps

How to report road incidents on Apple Maps

You can report an incident in three ways: Through CarPlay, by using your voice, while using turn-by-turn directions and from the main Maps screen.

How to report an incident on Apple Maps with Siri

Use your voice to utter a command such as:

  • “Hey Siri, report an accident”
  • “Hey Siri, there’s something in the road.”

Similar voice commands will also do the trick.

How to report an incident on Apple Maps with Siri

With your iPhone connected to CarPlay, hit the report icon on the CarPlay display.

How to report an incident on Apple Maps when navigating

To report an incident while using turn-by-turn directions on Apple Maps, tap the gray arrow at the bottom of the screen to bring up the info card. Now choose “Report an Incident” and select one of the following options:

  • Crash
  • Hazard
  • Speed Check
  • Roadwork

The actual incident reports that will be presented to you might vary based on your location, Apple clarifies in a support document. In the US, for instance, people can report accidents, hazards and speed cameras. In China mainland, however, you can report accidents, hazards and roadwork.

How to report an incident on Apple Maps from the main screen

Touch your image next to the search field on the main Maps screen, then choose the option labeled “Reports”. Next, choose an option like “Report Street Issue” or “Report Place Issue”. You will now have to enter your information, then choose “Agree” to continue. Lastly, add the information for the issue you’re reporting, then choose “Send”.