Netflix Games is rolling out support for iOS devices

It has been a week since Netflix Games officially launched. This new feature baked right not the Netflix streaming service allows subscribers to access a handful of mobile games right on their devices. At first, the service was only available on Android devices. However, it didn’t take long before Netflix confirmed iOS support was in the works.

And, what’s more, Netflix would be abiding by Apple’s rules regarding the App Store and availability of streaming games. Which means that while Netflix Games has a hub for perusing streamable games, each individual title is available in the App Store for download. Which means they also have a landing page, rating, and have been reviewed by the App Store review team.

Last week, it was unknown when iOS support would be rolling out. However, the company, via its Netflix Geeked account on Twitter, has confirmed that support is now rolling out.

Available titles to play are: Stranger Things 1984Stranger Things 3: The Game, Shooting HoopsCard Blast, and Teeter (Up). Most of the titles are now live in the App Store, and starting tomorrow they’ll be present and accounted for in Netflix’s stock app so you can view the library of content in Netflix Games. You’ll still need to download the titles from the App Store, though.

Each of the games available via Netflix Games is without any advertisements, they are free to play essentially — but you’ll still need an active Netflix subscription– and no additional fees or in-app purchases. All of this is similar to how Apple Arcade works.

Do you think you’ll be using Netflix Games quite a bit?