Apple is now rolling out the revised AirTag firmware to all customers

Apple is now launching refreshed AirTag firmware to more customers with a different build number from the previous AirTag firmware which had a build number of 1A291e.


  • Revised AirTag firmware begins rolling out to all users
  • The firmware started rolling out in August 2021
  • A few days later, it received a new build number
  • In September, the build number was updated again
  • The version now rolling out has yet another new build number

A promotional image from Apple showing the back and front of the AirTag personal item tracker with a smiley emoji engraved

The latest AirTag firmware is now rolling out to all

According to online reports, the new AirTag firmware has a build number 1A291f.

The only difference between it and the previous one seems to be the removal of the deployment limit that the previous firmware set to 25 percent, which restricted the availability of that firmware to no more than 25 percent of active devices in the wild. With the deployment limit entirely removed, all AirTag owners should soon get the latest firmware update.

Apple does not provide release notes for these things so we don’t really know if the latest firmware enables any new feaures. So far, online reporting indicated bug fixes only.

How to read AirTag’s embedded NFC tag

So what’s up with the ever-changing build numbers? As MacRumors speculates, Apple’s over-the-air delivery mechanism for AirTag software updates could be why we saw several AirTag firmware releases lately, each having a different build number.

There have been several minor releases with different build numbers, and behind the scenes, those tweaks were to meter the number of people who were seeing the AirTag update at one time. […] It is not clear why Apple has metered the release of the ‌AirTags‌ firmware update, but it may have to do with the over-the-air distribution method.

To find the firmware version of your AirTag, go to the Items tab in the Find My app:

  1. Open the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac
  2. Choose the tab labeled “Items”
  3. Select the AirTag you’d like to see more details about.
  4. Hit the battery icon below the AirTag name to reveal the firmware version.

So how do you update the software powering your AirTag?

How do I update AirTag firmware?

Apple doesn’t provide a manual update mechanism for AirTags. Instead, AirTag automatically updates itself when new firmware becomes available. For that to work, however, your AirTag and iPhone must be within Bluetooth range because the phone delivers the AirTag firmware.

This AirTag software has had a very rocky start

The latest AirTag firmware is arriving two months after the previous one brought out new anti-stalking features. On August 26, 2021, the new firmware began rolling out to some AirTag owners as an automatic update.

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The software came with a version number of 1.0.291 and build number 1A291a.

A few days later on August 31, an updated version of the AirTag firmware launched with the same version but a higher build number at 1A291c versus the previous one. And on September 7, the company replaced that firmware with yet another one carrying a build number of 1A291e.

So far, none of our Apple-branded personal item trackers have received the latest 1A291e update. Once we do get it, however, we’ll be making sure to check if the version number in the Find My app matches the latest AirTag firmware available, then report our findings back to you.