Apple drops revised AirTag firmware with internal build number of 1A291c

Apple has launched a revised AirTag firmware carrying an internal build number of 1A291c while the firmware version has remained unchanged at 1.0.276.


  • Apple has revised the recently released AirTag firmware
  • The new version has an internal build number of 1A291c
  • The firmware version is unchanged (1.0.291)
  • The previous version has a build number of 1A291a
  • Apple hasn’t detailed any changes for the revised firmware

A promotional image from Apple showing the pairing process for the AirTag personal item tracker with an iPhone displaying the AirTag Connect card

What’s new for the revised AirTag software

Apple is now rolling out a new version of the software powering the AirTag personal item tracker. The revised software carries an internal build number of 1A291c, up from the recently released AirTag software that has a build number of 1A291a.

The versions number hasn’t changed between the old and new AirTag firmware, staying intact at 1.0.291. Apple doesn’t provide changelogs for AirTag firmware. A support document on the Apple website around setting up and using AirTags doesn’t even mention the fact that firmware updates are performed silently in the background.

How to read AirTag’s embedded NFC tag

The fact there’s this slight bump-up in the internal build number while the version number has remained the same indicates that the revised AirTag firmware is probably about bug fixes.

At launch, AirTags shipped with a firmware version of 1.0.225.

How to find AirTag firmware number

To view the firmware version of your AirTag, you need to select it in the Items section of the Find My app, then hit the battery icon below the AirTag name to reveal the firmware version.

  1. Open the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac
  2. Choose the tab labeled “Items”
  3. Select the AirTag you’d like to see more details about.
  4. Hit the battery icon below the AirTag name to reveal the firmware version.

So how do you update the software powering your AirTag?

How to update AirTag software

Apple doesn’t provide a manual function to update the AirTag firmware.

Instead, the accessory automatically updates itself when a new version of the AirTag firmware is available. For that to work, your AirTag and iPhone must be within Bluetooth range because the phone delivers these firmware updates.