Mass production of Apple Watch Series 7 starting right after the iPhone 13 unveiling?

Apple Watch Series 7 mass production should start following the iPhone 13 unveiling as suppliers have resolved manufacturing challenges caused by the device’s updated design.


  • Mass production of Apple Watch Series 7 is starting later in September
  • Production had been temporarily halted last month until Apple fixed issues
  • The device’s revamped, flat-edged design led to manufacturing challenges
  • Apple’s suppliers are said to have resolved the reported production snags

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Apple Watch Series 7 manufacturing hurdles resolved

After halting Apple Watch Series 7 production due to manufacturing challenges caused by the device’s flat-edged design and a better display lamination process, mass production of the smartwatch is finally kicking off later this month.

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A new research report from reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TFI International Securities, a copy of which was seen by MacRumors, claims that mass production of the new Apple Watch Series 7 lineup will start in min-September.

Here’s an excerpt from Kuo’s research note:

The production issue of the Apple Watch 7 is mainly related to the panel side. However, it has been resolved, and mass production of panel modules will begin in mid-September.

Nikkei and Bloomberg earlier reported of the manufacturing challenges were thought to have caused an unexpected delay in mass production of the wearable device.

Due to the adoption of many new panel-related production processes for the first time, the Apple Watch 7 panel module encountered reliability issues during the risk-ramp phase before Jabil started mass production, mainly including blinking panel and touch insensitivity. This complicated production issue may be related to LGD, Jabil or Young Poong.

With these production woes now apparently resolved, will Series 7 arrive on schedule?

When will Apple announce Apple Watch Series 7?

As you know, Apple has scheduled an online-only product reveal for Tuesday, September 14 under the tagline “California Streaming.” September is about new iPhones so expect the iPhone 13 lineup to be the main attraction of the event.

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However, Apple’ also unveiled several Apple Watch generations alongside new iPhones in September. This time around should be no different. In other words, we expect Apple Watch Series 7 to be officially unveiled alongside the upcoming iPhone 13 family on September 14.

When will Apple Watch Series 7 go on sale?

While we’re rather confident that the next Apple Watch will see a formal announcement during the “California Streaming” event, that doesn’t necessarily mean there’ll be no disruptions in terms of shipping times. There’s no question that the earlier production delay has caused Apple’s suppliers to lose precious time.

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It’s unclear if suppliers have available capacity to make up for the lost time though. That being said, expect some availability issues when Apple Watch Series 7 goes on sale.

The most likely outcome: Apple will start taking pre-orders for the device following the iPhone 13 announcement. Launch supply will be constrained. Shipping times may begin slipping as soon as Apple Watch Series 7 becomes available to purchase.