Tetris Beat is now available in Apple Arcade

The Apple Arcade has grown quite a bit since its initial launch, with the library of titles slowly expanding on a semi-regular basis. Apple now offers more than 200 games in the roster at this point, and it doesn’t appear that the company is going to slow down anytime soon. And today sees one more joining the list.

Today, Apple Arcade welcomed the newest puzzle title, Tetris Beat, to the mix. If you jump into the experience, you’ll be introduced to a slightly different experience than what you might be accustomed to. You will still get the block-stacking you’d imagine, but there’s a bit more focus on music and rhythm this time around.

Players will rotate and drop the in-universe Tetriminos to build up combo chains. The rhythm will speed up and slow down in Drop mode. But if you prefer something a bit more old-fashioned and slower-paced (for a while, anyway), you can select Tap mode. This is a more casual experience compared to the standard Drop mode.

With the focus being on music, artists are also the focus in the new title. The new game features artists like Alison Wonderland, Hannah Diamond, Octo Octa, CINTHIE, and many others. The majority of tracks in the game will be within the dance and pop genres, with some hip-hop in there too for good measure.

There are 18 exclusive songs in total. The developers of the game say there will be new music introduced into the game on a monthly basis. Tetris Beat is available now.

Apple Arcade costs $4.99 per month, and, as mentioned above, you get more than 200 games to try out across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.