Tetris Beat is now available in Apple Arcade

The Apple Arcade has grown quite a bit since its initial launch, with the library of titles slowly expanding on a semi-regular basis. Apple now offers more than 200 games in the roster at this point, and it doesn't appear that the company is going to slow down anytime soon. And today sees one more joining the list.

Apple Store app offering Tetris for free, grab it now

This week's Free App of the Week on the App Store is Max Axe, an over-the-top endless runner where you kill beasts by drawing with your finger to throw axes. If this sounds a little underwhelming, the official Apple Store app in its ongoing promotion is now giving away Electronic Arts' excellent take on the classic Tetris game. Having played countless Tetris versions over the years, Twintris for the Amiga 500 was by far the most fun I've ever had smashing simple geometric shapes down to clear the lines.

Electronics Arts' modernized mobile Tetris edition is the closest thing to Twintris. It's a highly recommended download so fire up the Apple Store app and claim your free copy now, here's how...

Electronic Arts unleashes Tetris Blitz globally

Electronic Arts' mobile gaming arm today released a new (and free) game for iOS and Android devices, Tetris Blitz. Announced in mid-February, it's a twist on the block-dropping Tetris puzzler rather than a remake of the original game. The game actually landed on the Canada App Store a week ago in a soft-launch manner, but today rolled out across App Stores globally. Trust me, this one's worth a download. Besides, you can't really go wrong with a high-profile release costing zero bucks, now can you?

EA announces Tetris Blitz for iOS and Android, a twist on the famous puzzler

Hot on the heels of launching its free to play Real Racing 3 this morning on the New Zealand App Store (two weeks ahead of schedule), games publisher Electronic Arts announced a new game for iOS and Android devices, Tetris Blitz.

It's an “innovative new twist on the world famous puzzle game,” says Electronic Arts. A bite-sized, frenzied Tetris Blitz experience challenges you with a two-minute sprint to clear lines and rack up as many points as possible before time runs out.

Electronic Arts, the super publisher which in 2011 alone raked in $1 billion in digital revenue, brought the original Tetris game to the iPhone back in December 2009. The iPhone version of Tetris costs 99 cents and the iPad version is an additional three bucks...