EA announces Tetris Blitz for iOS and Android, a twist on the famous puzzler

Tetris Blitz teaser 001

Hot on the heels of launching its free to play Real Racing 3 this morning on the New Zealand App Store (two weeks ahead of schedule), games publisher Electronic Arts announced a new game for iOS and Android devices, Tetris Blitz.

It’s an “innovative new twist on the world famous puzzle game,” says Electronic Arts. A bite-sized, frenzied Tetris Blitz experience challenges you with a two-minute sprint to clear lines and rack up as many points as possible before time runs out.

Electronic Arts, the super publisher which in 2011 alone raked in $1 billion in digital revenue, brought the original Tetris game to the iPhone back in December 2009. The iPhone version of Tetris costs 99 cents and the iPad version is an additional three bucks

Clearing multiple lines back-to-back invokes “stunning cascades” and triggers Frenzy Mode for a huge score multiplier.

The description is actually reminiscent of Twintris, another take on the Tetris formula that in its time was hugely popular among Amiga gamers (that was some twenty years ago).

Here’s a video of Twintris on Amiga:

Tetris Blitz will also feature power-ups and Electronic Arts says new power-ups will be released every week (likely as paid in-app purchases).

From EA’s media release:

Blitz also innovates on the fan favorite One-Touch controls with the addition of the new “Drag and Place” option, while also including the traditional ”Swipe” option for Tetris players who prefer the classic controls.

Tetris Blitz also features Facebook Connect integration to compare scores and issue challenges to your Facebook friends and family members.

The game will be available “later this spring” on Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store and Amazon’s App Store.

Just like Real Racing 3, Tetris Blitz is a free to play ‘freemium’ release.

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