A brand new official Tetris game with swipe controls, haptic feedback & more hits App Store

Following yesterday’s news that Electronic Arts’ Tetris mobile games will disappear from iOS and Android app stores in April, The Tetris Company today announced a new official Tetris game realized in co-operation with developer N3TWORK, indicating that Electronic Arts is unlikely to release a follow-up Tetris mobile game of its own anytime soon.

The game is now available to download for free globally following its recent soft-launches in China and New Zealand. Featuring supporting for both the iPhone and iPad form factors, Tetris for iOS packs in the traditional solo gameplay experience along with some cool features.

These include swipe controls, haptic feedback, both online and offline play, local high score tables and more. You can personalize your experience with five different themes and as many as fifty different avatars by tapping your profile picture in the game.

According to Neil Young, founder and CEO of N3TWORK, Tetris will pick up new features in the future like an online high score table and new gameplay modes, including multiplayer:

Tetris is one of the most recognizable games in the world and we’re delighted today to make that experience available for free to millions of people worldwide. We’re launching Tetris with a traditional solo gameplay mode, but we want fans to know that we’ve got so much more in store for them, and this is just the foundation of an incredible Tetris app experience we’re building at N3TWORK.

This is an officially licensed game, not some sad rip-off.

N3TWORK is developing Tetris as part of its multi-year agreement with The Tetris Company, meaning Electronic Arts probably had a similar agreement in place that has now expired. The Tetris Company, owned by Henk Rogers, Alexey Pajitnov and Blue Planet Software, is the exclusive licensee of Tetris Holding LLC, the company that owns Tetris rights worldwide.

The Tetris Company licenses the Tetris brand to third parties, like Electronic Arts and N3TWORK. The iconic video game brand last year celebrated its 35th anniversary.

Curiously, The Tetris Company worked with N3TWORK before.

Last year, for instance, N3TWORK soft-launched Tetris Royale in New Zealand, its take on the franchise sporting a Solo marathon and a 100-player battle royale mode.

The new Tetris game from N3TWORK is available free on App Store.

The free version includes all of the features and no limitations, with a one-time $5 purchase required to remove in-game advertising.