New iPad mini will reportedly feature an 8.3-inch display

Right now, the iPad mini is still a pretty small tablet. Even with a screen that measures in at 7.9 inches. But apparently Apple’s ready to stretch the meaning of the word mini, and will be upping the size of the upcoming redesigned tablet’s display.

According to Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, Apple will indeed be increasing the overall size of the upcoming redesigned iPad mini’s display. This is not a particularly new rumor, of course. We’ve heard this nugget in the past. It’s a byproduct of Apple shrinking down the bezels — another change compared to the current iPad mini.

Young’s tweet, which you can see below, is straightforward, saying only that Apple’s new smallest iPad will increase the screen size from 7.9 inches to 8.3 inches. Not a huge increase, but certainly noteworthy in its own right. Here’s the tweet:

Following that initial tweet, Young goes on to say that, just as expected, the screen size will increase due in part to the decreased size of the bezels. Along with that, Apple will be removing the Home button as well. So, following suit with the iPad Pro and iPad Air models.

In replying to another Twitter user’s comment regarding the tablet’s dimensions, insofar that it’s not quite “mini” at 8.3 inches, Young says that the “overall size” hasn’t changed. Just with narrower bezels and the removal of the Home button makes it easier to adopt a bigger display. Which is what we’ve seen from the other devices Apple has drastically reduced bezels in.

In related news, we recently heard that the new iPad mini will adopt a USB-C port, retain the Touch ID sensor in the power button, a Smart Connector for a wider range of accessory options, and an A15 processor under the hood. So, while the iPad mini range has floundered a bit over the years, it sounds like it’s going to get a big refresh in short order. The device’s larger display is reportedly going to be mini-LED, too.

When remains to be seen, though. Rumors have suggested the new iPad mini could launch before the end of 2021, though. So it may not be too long.

If these rumors pan out and Apple launches a totally redesigned iPad mini, will you be picking one up?