iPhone 13 could support faster charging than iPhone 12, but you might need a new charger

Apple might support a bit faster charging on iPhone 13 with a 25W USB-C power adapter, claims a new rumor. By comparison, iPhone 12 supports fast charging with a 20W adapter.


  • iPhone 13 might support faster charging than iPhone 12
  • However, people would need to use a 25W adapter for that
  • Or use your current adapter for a bit slower charging
  • Apple might release its own 25W wall charger soon

An image showing some of Apple's USB-C Power Delivery wall chargers

iPhone 13 to support faster charging with a 25W adapter

According to a sketchy rumor, the upcoming iPhone 13 family will let you charge the phone even faster than the iPhone 12 family allows, but you’ll need a 25W USB-C power adapter for that. And because Apple no longer bundles wall chargers with iPhones, you might need to purchase a 25W adapter unless you already happen to have one lying around somewhere.

How to fast-charge your iPhone

If not, Apple will happily sell you its upcoming 25W USB-C power adapter. Of course, you won’t need to buy a faster charger specifically from Apple. Quite the contrary, any 25W or higher wall charger from another vendor should suffice provided it has the right power profile.

Pro models of the next iPhone are thought to have increased battery capacity. Consequentially, these iPhone 13 models would also need a more powerful adapter to retain charge speed.

As mentioned, the current iPhone 12 models require a 20W adapter for the fast-charge feature.

Fast-charge on iPhones: The current state of affairs

Taking advantage of the USB-C Power Delivery protocol, fast-charge on compatible iPhones can bring your handset from zero to fifty percent battery with a quick 30-minute charge.

These current and future Apple chargers support fast-charge function on iPhones:

  • iPhone 8, X, XS and 11: 18W USB-C power adapter
  • iPhone 12: 20W USB-C charger
  • iPhone 13: 25W USB-C charger (to be released in the fall)

Apple currently offers USB-C power adapters with Power Delivery rated at 18, 20, 29, 30, 61, 87 and 96W. You can also use a third-party charger as long as it’s compatible with USB-C Power Delivery and supports power profiles required to fast-charge an iPhone.

Featured battery packs that support USB-C Power Delivery

Aside from a compatible charger and iPhone, the fast-charge feature also requires a Lightning to USB-C cable from Apple or another vendor, according to the company’s support document.