Fast Charge

Fast-charging your iPhone 12 requires Apple’s new $19 20W USB-C charger, sold separately

Want to fast-charge your iPhone 12 with Apple's discontinued 18W power adapter that you previously used for fast-changing your older iPhone? Not so fast — that 18W charger that came in the box with your iPhone 11/iPad Pro won't fast-charge the latest iPhone 12 lineup. For that, you'll need Apple's new 20W charger which must be purchased separately for $19 a pop.

Review: Twelve South PowerPic—a 5×7 picture frame that wirelessly charges your iPhone

You just arrived home after a long day and your iPhone could use some recharging. And when a guy needs some juice, what better way to juice up your iPhone than drop it on an elegant picture frame that's sitting on the table? That's right, Twelve South has created an amazing gadget that looks and behaves like a regular 5x7 picture frame but also happens to wirelessly charge your phone quickly because there's a 10-watt Qi charger hidden inside the frame.