Mark Gurman reiterates rumors that iPhone 13 could have Apple Watch-like always-on display

The iPhone 13 screen has been predicted again to provide always-on functionality said to be akin to the Apple Watch’s always-on screen, this time by reliable reporter Mark Gurman.


  • iPhone 13 was previously rumored to ship with an always-on display
  • Bloomberg’s reliable reporter Mark Gurman has now backed the rumor
  • He says iPhone 13 could borrow an always-on screen from Apple Watch

An image showing an iPhone XR held in hand, set against a dark background, with a Messages notification shown on the lock screen

iPhone 13 to get an Apple Watch-like always-on display?

Writing in a new installment of his “Power On” newsletter on Bloomberg, Gurman reiterates rumors from early 2021 calling for an always-on display on the upcoming iPhone 13 providing users with important visual alerts on the lock screen without wasting battery.

How to disable Notification and Control Center on your iPhone’s lock screen

Aside from an Apple Watch-like always-on mode, Gurman mentions other potential features:

  • Apple’s faster A15 chip
  • A smaller notch
  • An updated display “for better battery life”
  • A 120Hz refresh rate
  • Upgrades to video recording

If true, owners of the next iPhone might be able to glean certain pieces of information, like the weather or the current time, without having to wake the device from sleep.

Why always-on screens matter

Apple’s iPhone has been widely rumored to adopt low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) screen technology to help deliver killer displays without destroying battery life. In terms of the upcoming iPhone 13 models, LTPO is predominantly being mentioned as an enabling technology for twice the screen refreshed rate at 120Hz.

But if some of the iPhone 13 models indeed adopt LTPO, as predicted, then the power-sipping LTPO technology would certainly help realize a screen that’s always on, similar to your Apple Watch. We saw always-on displays on Samsung phones a few years back. On Samsung and other Android handsets with always-on screens, people can choose whether to show the current time, date, battery status, notifications and more while the phone is in sleep mode.

As per prior rumors, iPhone 13 may offer minimal customizability via its always-on display.

Sources described the current design as “a toned-down lock screen,” with the current time and battery charge always visible and notifications displayed using a bar and icons.