Instagram now testing a linking sticker because not everyone has 10,000 followers

A new Instagram linking sticker is now being tested to enable just about anyone—whether they’re verified or have at least 10,000 followers—to share a link in stories.


  • A linking sticker is being tested with some Instagram users
  • The feature enables anyone to share a link in their story
  • It’s not restricted to certain users as swipe-up links are

A promotional image from Instagram showing using a linking sticker for sharing links in stories on iPhone
Image Credit: Instagram

Instagram is testing a new linking sticker

Currently limited to stories on Instagram, this new type of sticker allows even those who are not verified on Instagram or have less than 10,000 followers to share a link to their story. Doing so lets your followers simply tap a link in your story to navigate to the underlying URL.

Swipe-up links, however, remain restricted to people who already have linking privileges. Again, that entails having been verified on the platform or having at least 10,000 followers (Instagram has always limited who can take advantage of swipe-up links in their stories).

Vishal Shah, Instagram’s head of product, has confirmed the test to The Verge, saying the company will be analyzing which types of links those included in the test share the most as it tries to figure out how to evolve this feature over time.

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Using the stickers system to power this feature, Shah said, “brings links into the same kind of overall system, which from a simplicity of system perspective also makes a lot of sense.” Should the test prove popular with a subset of Instagram’s user base, the company will eventually roll out this feature to all users.

If Instagram is unable to make linking stickers work, the company may nix the feature as well.

Instagram has been testing other experimental features that may or may not reach a wider audience. One of the tests that are sure to be controversial intersperses suggested posts throughout your Instagram feed, sometimes ahead of your friends’ ones.